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Best Book Publishing Companies

A comprehensive directory of the best publishers in 2023, vetted by the team at Reedsy. Showing 503 publishers.


Manga, Comics & Graphic Novels, Fiction

Location - Tokyo, JP

Size - Largest

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks

Website - https://www.shueisha.co.jp/english/

💥 Hit titles


Kishimoto Masashi

One Piece

Oda Eiichiro

Slam Dunk

Inoue Takehiko

American Psychiatric Publishing

Medical, Psychology, Nonfiction

Location - Washington DC, US

Size - Mid size

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks

Submission format - Book proposals - Submit here

Website - https://www.appi.org/

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment

Kathleen T. Brody et al

Study Guide to Introductory Psychiatry

Jordan G. Cates & Donald W. Black

The American Journal of Psychiatry

Ned H. Kalin

Hachai Publishing

Jewish Literature, Picture Book, Children's

Location - New York City, US

Size - Small press

Formats - Physical Books

Submission format - Manuscript entries - Submit here

Website - https://www.hachai.com/

☑️ Indie publisher

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

I Go To The Dentist

Rikki Benenfeld

If I Went To The Moon

Sara Blau

Pat Roll Pull

Robin Heald

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