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Best Book Publishing Companies

A comprehensive directory of the best publishers in 2023, vetted by the team at Reedsy. Showing 494 publishers.

University of California Press

Academic, History, Education & Reference, Art, Environmental, Health & Wellbeing, Medical, Politics, Religion & Spirituality, Math & Science, Law, Nonfiction

Location - San Francisco, US

Size - University press

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks

Website - https://www.ucpress.edu/

💥 Hit titles

The Scarcity Plot

Amanda L. Logan

Documenting Death

Adrienne E. Strong

Homegrown Hate

Sara Kamali

Mehta Publishing House

Self-Help, Math & Science, Health & Wellbeing, Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction

Location - Mumbai, IN

Size - Mid size

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks, Audiobooks

Submission format - Book proposals - Submit here

Website - https://www.mehtapublishinghouse.com/

☑️ Indie publisher

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

A Quiver Full of Arrows

Leena Sohoni

Shivputra Rajaram

Pramila Jarag


S. L. Bhyrappa

Noemi Press

Literary Fiction, Diverse Literature, BIPOC, African-American, Fiction, Poetry, Short Story

Location - Richmond, US

Size - Small press

Formats - Physical Books

Diversity - Diverse Literature, BIPOC, AfricanAmerican

Submission format - Contests - Submit here

Website - http://www.noemipress.org/

☑️ Indie publisher

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

Her 37th Year, an Index

Suzanne Scanlon

Salton Sea

George McCormick

The Lucky Ones Get To Be People

Rachel Haley Himmelheber

Tartarus Press

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Short Story

Location - London, GB

Size - Small press

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks

Submission format - Queries & book proposals - Submit here

Website - http://www.tartaruspress.com/

☑️ Indie publisher

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

The Loney

Andrew Michael Hurley

Mercy and Other Stories

Rebecca Lloyd

The Tallow-Wife

Angela Slatter

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