Bella Falls is a long-time advocate of self-publishing who finally took the plunge to write a series of supernatural cozy mysteries. This is her story.

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Prologue: In Your Dreams

How do you transform "working writer" from a job that's in your dreams to the job of your dreams?

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Chapter 1: The People v. Cozy Mysteries

Is "writing to market" the same as selling out, or is it just good business?

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Chapter 2: The New World

Before it was a multimillion dollar industry, self-publishing was a new world. But was the (literal) gold rush worth the (figurative) smallpox?

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Chapter 3: Having A Community

Over the past ten years, self-publishing has become unequivocally common. How can a new author stand out in such a large community?

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Chapter 4: Making A Change

In this day and age, readers care about your writing if they care about you first. So how do you turn "you" into a marketable brand?

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Chapter 5: Making A Community

How do you transform "working writer" from the job of your dreams into a career?

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Epilogue: Always A Challenge

Writing never gets easier. How does Jenn still do so much of it anyway?

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