Season three’s star is Tara Holladay, bestselling author of the Candeon Heirs YA series. Join host Casimir Stone as he reveals her journey to becoming a professional writer.

Season Three –  via soundcloud

Prologue: Amateur Hour

It's hard enough writing a novel for anyone. When writing for kids aged 12 to 18, it's another challenge altogether.

Season Three –  via soundcloud

Chapter 1: Like Magic

When it comes to writing a bestseller, magical worlds work like a charm, right up until they don't.

Season Three –  via soundcloud

Chapter 2: The Least Syllable of Thy Addition

How do you insult your audience without insulting their sensibilities... or their intelligence? When writing for a juvenile audience, finding the right balance is more important than ever.

Season Three –  via soundcloud

Chapter 3: The Prince and the Paradox

Kids can be picky, especially when it comes to what they prefer to read. So why not give it to them?

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