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Addendum 1: Choice Words for First Drafts (with Brett Putter)

How do you turn your first draft into a published book? According to Brett Putter, founder of CultureGene and author of "Culture Decks Decoded," the answer may be unsuitable for print.

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Addendum 2: The Human Element (with Eliot Peper)

What is the best way to market a book in the Internet age? Technology may have changed, but the answer hasn't -- for over 2,000 years.

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Addendum 3: Happily Ever After (with Anthony Sciarratta)

Is ending your story "happily ever after" cliché? Maybe -- but some clichés exist for a reason.

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Addendum 4: Flashback (with Benjamin Davis)

How do you market a book that you can barely even describe? Benjamin Davis, author of a so called magical realism poetic memoir, travelled across the world to find the answer.

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Addendum 5: To Trope or Not To Trope (with Marlow York)

Drawing from your influences is one thing, stealing from them is another. How did Marlow York walk the tricky tightrope of writing with tropes?

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Addendum 6: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It (with Jacqui Castle)

What comes first, the novel or the genre? A journalist turned novelist, a zeitgeist changing election, and a young adult reading trend might help us to find the answer.

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Addendum 7: Help Yourself (with Mason Engel)

It's one thing to turn a great book into a bestseller. But how do you learn to write a great book in the first place?

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Addendum 8: Adapting to Change (with I.L. Cruz)

When your story isn't a popular one, how do you get people to listen? According to I.L. Cruz, it helps to disguise it as a story everyone knows already.

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Addendum 9: Moving Too Fast (with Jami Albright)

Move too fast and, instead of working around your obstacles, you might just crash into them – in romance, in writing, and in writing romance.

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