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A geographer, who is a workaholic.

Secondary character

A student, who has the patience of a saint.


It's an apocalyptic story about the futility of ambition. It kicks off by a black hole with someone turning up unexpectedly from the past.

(Note that: someone in the story will be conflicted about duty.)

And there's a twist! The villain escapes at the end of the story.

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A trillion sci-fi plots twinkle in the stars — and they're all within your reach, if you only grab them with the strength of your mind. In this sci-fi plot generator, we've tried to put together a few of them for your inspiration. All of the plots that you score are yours to use! But what exactly can you do with it now?  

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to construct a sci-fi story out of the plot that you’ve just generated,

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There are plenty of other sci-fi plot generators and plot twist generators to provide more bursts of inspiration. Here are some of our favorite sci-fi story generators on the Internet:

If you’ve got everything but your story title and character names in place,

Why not give our Book Title Generator and Character Name Generator a whirl?

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