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This account is used to upvote fellow writers who have been downvoted 💕 This account helps people who need advice on writing, writer's block sort of problems, or personal struggles. :) This is an alter account of someone on Reedsy, (duh) as you probably can guess. I am here to upvote all the people✨ who have gotten downvoted. 💕~fAcE rEvEaL~💕 Guess who I am? No, wait, maybe, actually, don’t. I wanna stay KiNda AnOnYmOuS✨ You can call me Ava if you want to tho! #StopDownvoting #UpvotingNotDownvoting #UpvoteWriters #Stopdownvotingnow #Startupvoting #HelpToUpvote #LetsStartUpvoting People I've upvoted: ~ Titan Strider ~ Writer Maniac ~ Palak Shah ~ The Masked Writer ~ Jexica Marcell ~ Dhwani Jain *more names coming soon* Follow me to greatness. 💕