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A little kindness goes a mighty long way God bless America Bunch of chuckleheads on here who like to be mean to me for no good reason. Feel free to drop me a kind word or a bible verse. It always brightens my day. Every time I win the $250 dollar gift money, I pledge, hand on bible, to donate it to a charitable organization such as my local church or the National Right to Life Committee. My mother tried to abort me in the 50s but now I'm here, sharing my stories with readers from all around the globe. COPYRIGHT (C) Tom Ortega. do not copy my work. please. I ask kindly or else I will have to report any copy catters to Reedsy personelle. it is a waste of both of our time so to keep matters simple, just DON'T COPY thank you. with that said, if your having trouble writing your OWN work, I will gladly offer to help you and give you a few pointers on how you can write so that you do not have to copy yes I do understand this may seem quite strict but im a kind man who lets things be. It's just that quite of recently, I had a saddening experience on here with copy cats. after I posted my most recent story yesterday, I found NUMEROUS other submissions also about families and Santa Claus. it was very upsetting to me. I Am awaiting responses from reedsy on the matter and hope they will take care of my concerns swiftly. thank you.