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I started writing at a young age, and it became a habit. One of the activities I enjoyed the most in school was writing stories. I am driven to master art and other forms of creative expression. Right now, I focus on generating a passive income doing something I’m passionate about. Relocating from the bustling city to the peaceful countryside, I engage in various activities, including leisurely walks in the woods. Some individuals are designated to serve in various capacities. I wasn’t actively looking for it, but the opportunity came. I support fellow writers by managing a league of writers. This project is a labor of love that doesn’t provide any financial gain and often depletes my funds. You can find our newest anthology, published by me, available for purchase on my author page and my latest novels. Getting noticed among the countless submissions was more challenging than writing a trilogy. When it comes to marketing, effectively promoting your work is crucial for any author’s success. However, self-publishing and simultaneously learning all the intricacies of the business is a more feasible option than trying to secure an agent. Every time a novel is sold through various outlets, I could earn enough to buy a cup of inexpensive coffee. Publishers are the ones who make a substantial profit. I’m sharing all of this to provide a reality check and a word of caution. Write because you are passionate about what you do, not just to make money. Although my main objective is to generate passive income, making a lasting impact in the literary realm would be exciting. Another writer I influenced may make that difference instead of me. Achieving that is quite ambitious as well. If you like my stories, you will enjoy my first novel, ‘Earth’s Last Hope.’ It’s sci-fi that is soft science and a brutal reality. If you want to be associated with our league, follow the link and ask to be included in our email. • • • -Best