Sarah Winston

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American writer/artist of Dorkish ancestry with an affection for classic American writers; think Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Kerouac. I've lived on both coasts, from the Pacific Northwest Rain Forest to the Sea Lion's California Coast, the Colonial Northeast and crossed the Prairies of the Great Mid-West, picking up nuggets of life and a kaleidoscope of experience along the way. These randomly inform my writing and ideas. I enjoy the challenges and prompts Reedsy offers to plum these stored depths when crafting a new story. I especially enjoy humor. Currently finishing a woman-centric novel series (which, if I knew how long it was going to take, well, I'd never have begun it!) I thank you in advance for any feedback you share with me. And may God help us all! (P.S. I'm not really from Dork. There is no land of Dork. I'm just a little Dorky.)