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Heyyyyyy - ok basically i'm a young author (ignore the bad grammar, I use grammar for story writing not this) who enjoys writing stories and talking about herself in 3rd person as she is doing now. :> I like -books -reading -writing -swimming -spamming my BFF (go follow her, she's "Nessie W." with random emojis (she's super annoying and HATES when I spam her) -singing/acting -being weird Enjoy my stories, and PLEASE comment on them, sammy wants her constructive criticism ;) My fav books: -We Were Liars - One of us is Lying/One of us is Next - All the bright Places - They Both Die at The End ok bai now, stay safe <3 ps. don't be mean to people pss. i'm not sure if it's supposed to be pps or pss, so leave me alone psss. dont get Covid, it is not good (defientley not sammy stating the obvious... you just scrolled down hear to see me say...... bye. hehehhe