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Hi, Roth Sassin is my pen name, and I like to read and write. Please like or comment on my stories. Thanks. I recently noticed (Ok, maybe a while ago noticed) that everyone else has a long bio. So I have finally decided to make a longer bio. Here I go. . . I live in the US. Chicago, Illinois to be precise. I love to read. I am bad at picking favorites, but my favorite author is Sarah J Maas. I have a twelve-year-old dog and an annoying younger sister and a cute younger brother. Basically, I'm the oldest. At the moment, my story Mega Cookie Contest is the most popular, with nineteen likes and six comments. My runner-up stories are I Challenge You with 18 likes and 4 comments, and Mama Tsia with 18 likes and 3 comments. Go check them out. And even though most people stay at page one of your stories list (me), feel free to browse through my stories, even the ones on page two. I have not yet won a contest, but hoping it will happen. I noticed some people have Reedsy quizzes and whatnot, so here you go, my own personal Reedsy quiz. Link below. That's pretty much it. Bye! So Reedsy just said that you have to pay 5$ to enter a story and I can't do that, so I'm not going to post that often anymore, and if I do post, I don't think it will show up here. So sorry if you hoped I would post through the five-dollar entrance fee. Also, I was gone for a while because I just didn't have the time, patience, and inspiration. I will still post sometimes though.