Richard Leslie Brock

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I am a writer of literary fiction, poetry, and history. In addition, I teach law to paralegal aspirants in an ABA accredited program at the University of California Riverside, and lecture on a variety of topics including the California Missions and The Pacific Crest Trail, for the Osher Foundation. Unique life experiences are building blocks for all writers, and I am no exception. My interest in rare Academic disciplines has also had a significant influence on my work and given it a peculiar slant. These include a degree in Classical Civilization which focuses on Greco-Roman Art, History, Mythology, and Literature. An MA in Folklore and Mythology has led me to study the lore and language of diverse and sometimes forgotten cultures. A degree in Law prepared me as a rigorous researcher for much of my Non-Fiction and for painting realistic and historically accurate settings in my novels. When not writing or teaching, you will find me on the Pacific Crest Trail or on local hikes in the California desert where I live with my wife and a Wheaten Terrier named Fergus Dublin McBrock, Esq. For a list of publications and work in progress see: