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I am a Software Developer by profession. Although, I’m a novice story teller, writing is not new to me. I contribute often to magazines and blog posts. I’ve been reading novels since 8th Grade. Sudha Murthy, Arundhati Roy, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Sophie Kinsella are some of my favourites. I’m also a Swiftie (Taylor Swift’s Stan). Aside from her guitar playing skills, I really admire her story-telling and lyrics. My stories here are a humble attempt to blur fancy from reality. Hope you enjoy reading them. :) More often than not, I co-write with my friend Nilay Jha. Checkout his profile here: I really like the concept of “Karma” points. So, if you follow me, I follow back. If you like and comment on my story, I will return the same. Thank you so much for your time!!