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No need for long intros, sappy seductions, or overwritten apologies. What do I have to apologize for? We all know that ya'll only read a story if ya like the bio. Here is my apology: I am sorry, my dearest Reedsy, for writing so slowly. So many of your prompts are not to my liking, and I would much rather prefer a novel to a short story. My condolences -Phoenix. If you think my writing is shitty, say so. If you think it's the best goddam thang ya'll herd south a' Mississippi, say so. If you think my bio's a bit looney, say so. Now if you are a poet and you just don't show it, you can find me on All Poetry here:'s_fire If you also happen to be a music nut, not just listening but playing (eww, who'd want to play an instrument?) here are instruments I play to fuel my music nuttiness Viola Violin Piano Ukulele Guitar Voice (that counts as an instrument, don't correct me there) Quote of the Day: "We accept the love we think we deserve.” From a small-town Oregonian to the world of Reedsy, have a good day.