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My mom used to tell me I spend too much time with my head stuck in a book. She didn’t exactly discourage me from reading, but as a parent and seeing my little girl following my same footsteps, I understand now what she meant. I wouldn’t say I’m an avid reader of books. I’m more a lover of a well written script. Shouldn’t be a surprise that I absolutely love the script for Aliens (superb) I grew up reading Point Horror books and Beverly Cleary (to this day I have a soft nostalgic spot for Ramona Quimby). I do miss those YA tales that at the time seemed far more adult than I was but not too adult. I started into Stephen King like most kids do. Saw It and had to compare the book to the movie bc i heard it was scarier. (Shrug) From there I went in a lot of directions with reading some were required college assignments others just for plain fun. Favorite literary read? Emily Brontë Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff just stuck out. Contemporary fav? Anne Rice (the early years before Lestat found God) Whitewolf’s Vampire chronicles… The script for Pitch Black —-> Pitch Black fanfiction…. Harry Potter ( didn’t get past the first chapter though) Twilight…. Honestly I didn’t get into Twilight at all. The movies were fine I guess… Tales From The Crypt (LOVE LOVE LOVE) Anywho I began writing fanfiction on FanFiction.Net for the show La Femme Nikita and began participating in Nanowrimo events. Now I have aspirations of publishing and hope to one day be the inspiration Beverly Cleary first was for me the very time I opened and read the first lines to Ribsy….