Michael Jaymes

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Author bio

Michael Jaymes is an author and professional writing coach. Michael first learned his love for writing when he wrote a Christian poem after the loss of a childhood friend. After years of writing poetry, Michael branched into reading and studying the art of writing, bringing success to his business and leading to publishing his own work. Two of his recent releases are The Secret Fountain and Letters From Lily. Although the audience for each book is very different, they both carry the same similar tone of suspense. Michael's career comenced when he started ghostwriting in 2019, which led to launching his business, MJV Writings. Today, Michael focuses on teaching other writers, offering the following services: Developmental Editing, Outlining, and Alpha Reading. When he is not writing, Michael enjoys reading classics, studying story structure, listening to audiobooks of Sherlock Holmes, going on walks with his wife, and spending time in the Greensboro community.