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*** away at the moment as writing a novella **** Hi I am a new fiction writer (since July 2020). I have previously written non-fiction but fiction is completely new to me! I read (and write) a lot of fantasy, dystopian, horror, crime/thriller, science fiction and contemporary. All genres really! I am aiming to publish a novel one day. At the moment I am practising writing so I can get up to the required standard. Some of my stories may be more like pieces of prose, for that reason (I am practising writing prose more than plotting). I still have a long way to go but will keep trying :-) I hit the 100k mark in Aug 2021 so I have written a novel's equivalent of novelettes and short stories... Please give me feedback on my stories- all critique welcome! Harry Potter: Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff mix (50:50) Divergent: Erudite Hunger Games: District 13