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💕 I have none of the sought after qualifications that many writers spend time and money obtaining. BUT what I lack in certifications and acronyms behind my last name, I make up for in heart and by many many years of research. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a little girl so I have lots of knowledge under my belt. I love reading and writing and I hope to contribute to this community in a meaningful way. I really welcome any feedback you may have on my stories. Not just feel good vibes or ‘attagirl’s’ either. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated because my goal in all of this is to become a better writer. I'm hoping... with your help, I can do that! Thank you for reading! Oh - please don't steal any of my work, because that's just mean. Copyright © 2023 Maggie Gibbs - All Rights Reserved. Using content without written permission is prohibited.