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Heya fellow writers! I'm just your every day mid-thirties creative who lingers somewhere between fanciful thoughts and normal human beings. -Probably eating fruit -Always volunteering -Drops random comments -Enjoys a good critique -In constant search of improvement -Currently obsessed with Super Mario 35 -Runs and randomly cartwheels to burn off sugar When not pouring out my creativity in written or illustrated form, you can find me traveling with my husband, pampering my wheezy senior cat, cooking, kickboxing, jogging, and getting lost in the occasional Nintendo game. I enjoy reading other's stories and leaving constructive criticism. Feel free to do the same with me! I'm on a mission to improve my writing and hope to keep posting stories now and then. I have already learned a great deal, so thanks for the comments thus far! I am finding these prompts are excellent inspiration for writing topics and viewpoints I may never entertain otherwise. A pleasant side-effect indeed.