LK Brindley

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I am an avid reader, and have been writing long-form fiction in my spare time since I was a teenager. My very first book would best be described as JRR Tolkien fan-fiction, written on a small electric typewriter in my childhood bedroom, and ran to more than 600 pages before I finally managed to wrap up all the plot threads. Thankfully, that manuscript no longer exists. My passion for the written word took me into a career as a technical writer, which I love primarily because I am paid to write all day. However, like many technical writers, I crave the creative outlet of authoring fiction, and my spare time is consumed by trying my hand at a range of genres, some of which are more successful than others. I live in Sydney, Australia, with my partner, and our three-legged Munchkin cat. When I don't have my head down writing for work or pleasure, I enjoy cooking, boxing, and playing board games.