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"Unpublished, not Unknown" is my modern short story podcast where I read your stories (with permission). New episodes every Monday! Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and 5 other platforms here: unpublishednotunknown.com OUT NOW Ep. 18 | "Meditation" by Rebecca Loften Ep. 17 | "beneath the quaking aspen" by Myia Melendy Ep. 16 | "The Price of Life" by Beth Jackson Ep. 15 | "The Bake Sale" by Bettina Karpathian Ep. 14 | "Dream Weaver" by Megan Lange Ep. 13 | "GIRL YOU WANT" by Caryn Devincenti Ep. 12 | "Archery Tournament" by Alex Sultan Ep. 11 | "Floating, Drifting, Fleeting" by K. Antonio Ep. 10 | "I Leave the Six Blank" by Rachel Kenley Fry Ep. 9 | "The 9PM Clock In" by Elizabeth Napier Ep. 8 | "Soot and Cinders" by Mary Sheehan Ep. 7 | "Moira's Day Off" by Anne Ramallo Ep. 6 | "Letters to Grange" by Robin Owens Ep. 5 | "The Debate" by Heather McQuaid Ep. 4 | "The Joy of a Banana" by Ann Nace Ep. 3 | "BIRD AND RIVER" by Theresa Anna Ep. 2 | "Colleen" by Mary Sheehan Ep. 1 | "Mie Goreng" by Rayhan Hidayat Need a podcast editor? HMU @ sheproducedit.com