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I've had a passion for writing since I was in the fourth grade. Now, my writing was surely lacking technical skill and refinement at that point. In fact, eight years later, I'm sure it still is. I'm still learning, and my writing is far from perfect, but I've thankfully held on to that passion for all these years. It fuels me to keep imagining, and to keep trying, and to never stop getting better. I'm so thankful for Reedsy. I discovered the weekly writing contest months before I turned eighteen, meaning I was not yet old enough to participate. I kept my eye on the goings on for those months, and now I am overjoyed to be old enough to join in! What a birthday present! A big thank you to anyone who reads anything I've submitted, and a big thank you to anyone who's helped me along in developing my love of writing. I look forward to becoming a part of this community of passionate people just like me! Happy writing and reading to you all!

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