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I‘ve always made up stories (as my mum and employers will attest!). I love books, film and all things storytelling related. I‘m a QA officer by day and spend the rest of my time either doing cool stuff with my wife and eight-year-old son or writing and reading like a thing possessed. Oh yeah, and sleeping, eating and all that sort of thing. I like write thrillers and suspense but will give most things a go. And the bad humour seems to be creeping into my writing more and more. Sorry. Craig Fremont, the name I publish under, has a few more books out, short reads with more bad humour, documenting the mayhemic mishaps of three little elves that, quite honestly, I don’t trust and neither should you. I’ve made my first submission to RP in what feels like a thousand years and it felt great to hit that submit story button. It’s called Table For Two and if you choose to read it, thank you and I hope you like it. I read Stephen King, Julie Kagawa, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Harris, Daphne Du Maurier, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Ambrose Bierce, Mary Shelley, Carlos Ruiz Zafón and many others incessantly. My favourite novel is Jamaica Inn and fave non-fic is Zodiac by Robert Graysmith. My novel Through the Mist is on vacation and I haven’t seen or heard from it in ages, but it’ll come back one day. I’m currently drafting The Last Days of Kallig, a sci-fi murder mystery. I’m really chuffed to be part of the Reedsy writing community and always looking forward to the next set of prompts. There is a shed load of talent on here and buckets of inspiration. Gonna go now cause a) I talk too much and b) dinner’s ready. 😁