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My Debut ya novel, Ascension, is available now for purchase and kindle unlimited free download on Amazon at: Check out the trailer here: Thank you all for your support! I'm a picky writer and an even pickier reader. I can't follow the conventional rules when it comes to writing for prompts. So when you see the prompt I am writing for... Consider it as just a very loose guideline. For me, if it doesn't get you thinking, it hasn't done its job. Period. Every story needs--nay, deserves, some sort of twist in it at some point and to some degree otherwise, the 'knot' that tied the reader to the story slips right though and is lost. If I read your stuff and continue to come back for more, that's saying A LOT... I love pushing my writing style into places I didn't think I could go and surprising myself. I am currently working on edits for a book I plan to self-[publish on Amazon sometime next year. If you like my stories here on Reedsy and are interested in hearing more about my upcoming book(s), let me know and I'll hook you up with more information! Make sure to like and comment on my stories! I love all feedback! Thanks! In between me working on y full-length novel I will try to post two-three new stories each week for each new set of prompts if the mood and inspiration strikes! (Fingers Crossed) That's about it for now!