Jessica Livolsi

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Author bio

My name is Jessica and I love to write as do the rest of you beautiful people. My preferred genres are fantasy and science-fiction but a good mystery is always good too. I have a wonderful fiancée who encourages my writing and artistic hobbies in amazing ways. My dogs are my biggest fans and my cat is only mildly amused but I think she’s proud of me too. I hope to one day write a novel so that I can put a piece of me out there for people to enjoy. Or friggin hate so much they can’t stop talking about how bad it is so people read it to see what they’re talking about. I work a full time, high stress job so sitting down to write is one of those things that help me unwind. I have a big imagination so it cramped in here sometimes. However, I am old school so typing stories is a bit of a struggle, I prefer pen and paper but I’m making the transition to scrivener okay. My favorite quote is “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” God is good and has blessed me with great people and great opportunities and I pray that he gives you all great blessings also. Happy writing!