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5 feet and 4 inches of bipolar tendencies and progesterone pills attempting to make sense of this world and actually be a writer instead of hoarding a decade's worth unfinished stories on Google Docs. I'll find any excuse to make anything into fantasy fiction, because reality is a burning pile of garbage and it's been a hot minute since I found out Narnia wasn't a real place I could go to. I hail from the 852 but in my blood is three stars and a sun, so I'm about as Asian as it gets. And yes, I'm definitely going to write about those things a LOT. Give me a shoutout if you want a comment or a review, and y'all are free as well to hit me with all the comments, questions, violent reactions, and suggestions! I'm here to grow, learn, and find the courage and skills to one day proclaim to the world that I am, in fact, a writer *creepy moon face emoji*