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ok now im OFFICIALLY LEAVING i will POSSIBLY see you after the summer love yall <3 most liked stories: Wear Your Crown and The Stars and The Sea just noticed the most comments i got on a story... is kinesis and phobias... the prank story that got 300 commetns full of screams of terror and blackmails for fawn (rip her). i should do it again sometime... XD IF YOU FOLLOW ME ON IG PLEASE LET EM KNOW, IF I GET A FOLLOW REQUEST AND I DONT KNOW YOU I WILL DECLINE (ps pfp is my own drawing of Violet, the main character in the oming series Kinesis and Phobias. All of the other requested drawings are from the Adapters series, if you want one from the KP series please let me know before Monday. Working on other requests rn and will post after summer or on other social media platforms if i have u there. i apologize for blurry picture and glare, this was taken on another device) MY FINAL STORY ON HERE IS OUT! PLEASE READ IT! PARTS 1 AND 2 OF CELLMATES AND SOULMATES AND SOULMATES IS OUT! JOSE WILL BE CONTINUING THE SERIES IN MY ABSENCE. HERE IS THEIR LINK: https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/jose-valdivia/ Once Monday comes, please do not message me on Remind or leave a comment on one of my stories, because I don't want to come back to, like, 20+ pages of notifications because I will feel obligated to go through all of them. Any messages/comments before that are fine. Ty <3