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💮 I haven't been here for AAAAAGES. I kinda decided that stories were more my little sister's kind of thing than mine, but... I might write another story some time in the next month? Be on the lookout! 💮 💮 Hiiii! I'm Honey Lillith! (I love my name, is that a crime?) 💮 Nice to meet you! 💮😃 Welcome to the land where stories make no sense and shameless Easter eggs get shoved down your throat faster than you can get out of a bath filled with rattlesnakes! (Unless you're Jackie Bibby) 💮 Quote of the week: 'We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master' - Ernest Hemingway 💮 I also LOVE telling people how much I love their stories, so if you want my opinion just ask! (Please ask!) 😄 I'm just your average introvert, always curled up in bed with a good book, curly hair always in the way, and if you can get me outside you either have the strength of a professional weight-lifter or the stubbornness of a mule! 💮 I LOVE riddles! I'm always up for exchanging riddles with anyone! My favourite: Emoji: 💮 (of course, because it's a lily, and lily is in Lillith, get it? Plus it looks AWESOME!) 💮 Book: How can I choose?? Reedsy Author: Aerin Rebecca (I've read all of her stories before I figured out that I could like things :)) Author: Again, how can I choose??? Thing to say: 'I feel a story bubbling!' (I'm a generally bubbly person anyway, I might be mistaken about the story 😉) Have a nice day! 💮 Time for the unorganised mess! I'll add something whenever I feel like it. 💮 I feel like writing a story about a goat. The kind of goat that chews grass. I feel a goat story bubbling! 💮 I've found a beautiful boys name! Cosmo. I think it's Greek. I can't think of any other beautiful boys names but I can think of lots of beautiful girls names! 💮 The goat story is still bubbling! 💮 To write or not to write, that is the question. 💮 Honey, Samara, Katrina - Katrina! It's coming, it's coming! No stealing, Katrina's MINE 💮 Isabelle (Belle). Hazel. More beautiful names! 💮