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Status: Spotty, at best. I'm hardly on because of school (;-;), but I try to go on every now and then. I respond to comments, but I won't be doing much writing. (That's the entire reason I'm on here but still). ~~ My favorite books (read these plz they're amazing I love them): KOTLC (aka Keeper of the Lost cities). My favorite series ever and the books are really thick! :3 Author: Shannon Messenger A Series of Unfortunate Events. YES it's on Netflix, but I personally think the books are way better (and I read them first so there). Author: Lemony Snicket (his books are the bomb) All the Wrong Questions (It's a series). Also by Lemony Snicket. I love his (somewhat dark, yes) sense of humor. Be warned: his stories may not always have the happiest of endings. Alright I think that's it. I'm too lazy to do anything else. ;-;