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The world would have been a boring place without books. *A Review of Julia Quinn’s “The Duke and I”* By: Godwin Efu _"I particularly adore the subtlety Julia Quinn summoned up in carving this out: the rejection of a child because they are who they are. The immature and sudden exposure of children to the truth of how viscious we humans can be before or perhaps instead of how loving the same can be. Sometimes, villains are characters who have half knowledge of the two sides of humans. They understand so much the wickedness buried beneath people that they adopt equal response toward all. It is a sad, sad thing..."_ *In our latest, Godwin Efu reviews Julia Quinn's The Duke and I. Read here:* https://link.medium.com/rdk9zCRySeb *Follow Book O'Clock Review for your daily literary news, essays, reviews, interviews and other content.*