Gabriel Garcia

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Gabriel Garcia is a historian specializing in Classical Antiquity but has also researched Chinese History, Islamic History, Medieval History, and Colonial History. By day, he works as an academic tutor. While reading classical texts from antiquity and reinterpreting modern contemporary journals of the past decade, he enjoys immersing himself in the works of his favorite authors, such as Bernard Cornwell, Alan Smale, Conn Iggulden, Valerio Manfredi, and Brian Jacques. While obtaining his BA in Asian Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Gabriel had the opportunity to study abroad in Chengdu, China, and navigated his writing toward historical, epic, and mythical fantasy. In 2021, he earned his MA in Classical History from San Francisco State and finished writing the first draft of his novel, The Gathering. The Gathering combines his passion for fantasy and history but also lends reverence to some of the great masterpieces in cinema history, like The Magnificent Seven, El Cid, and Seven Samurai. It is available for purchase on the Barnes and Noble website. He works on his podcast titled Tales From The Wandering Scribe, interviewing fellow authors and reviewing their work. More recently, he created his YouTube channel, Gabriel Garcia-Tales from the Wandering Quill, where he discusses historical topics with revered academic historians and historical enthusiasts. He has also published two articles in history, one explaining the origins of the Gladiators and the other examining the forgotten history of the 369th Harlem Hellfighters Unit.