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Hi! I'm back from my break for the summer! Why oh why did they have to start charging five dollars?! 😭 Ok I know it's because they prob can't afford to be giving away fifty dollars every week, but stilllllllllll So I won't be doing any of the short story contests :c They should still have a free one, but just don't have a cash prize. 🏆 Right? Now a bit about me: I love: 🎹🥁🎸🎼🎶🐱🐈🐾📙📚📔📓📒📝✍️🍦🍨 🖌️🖼️🎨 My favorite color is: 🟣 My favorite 🍦 flavor is: 🍓 My favorite animal is: 😺 My favorite book genre is: All of them! Except maybe horror My favorite song is: Demons by Imagine Dragons, Arcade by Duncan Lawrence, When The Party's Over by Billie Eilish, and any song by Lewis Capaldi 🎶 My favorite instrument is: Acoustic guitar and piano My favorite season is: 🌅 Summer My favorite flower is: 🌻 I love writing novels, short stories, poems, and songs. I've been writing stories since before I could read and write. (My Mom typed them for me) And I've been playing guitar since May 2020. I have also just started learning drums! 🤞 I love reading, especially your guy's short stories. If you ask I will read one of your stories. And of course if you follow me I will follow you. Have a great day! 🐱