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it's d. r., not Dr. I'm 67 years old and just starting out on this writing journey. If I can figure some of this craft stuff out and not lose my mind doing so, I'm sure the rest of you can too. Keep writing!!! I'm a big fan of Ray, Bradbury, Carver, and Chandler. If I ever get important enough that someone asks what writing a story is like for me: For me, writing a story is like meeting a new person. In the initial conversation, you may both learn one, or two things about the other. Maybe even decide if the relationship is worth further investment. I’m not talking about a boy-girl thing or anything that would fall under the title of a romantic relationship. That would be too cliché. What I’m saying is that in the beginning, a story may only present a little knowledge about itself to me, and me to it, a little, but enough to know whether either of us wants to get to know the other in more depth and detail. If so, that’s when the real work begins... We can all dream, can't we? Have fun and keep writing! drs