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Look, my job as a writer is to make you laugh or to make you weep. Sometimes both at the same time. For me? My personal favorite short stories are: “No One Really Explains” and “Can't Get Enough of What You Don't Need.” Surprisingly, #53 - "The Play's the Thing" #67 - "Your Poor Rick" were both winning stories. YAY 🏆 The following stories were 🏅shortlisted: #65 - "Marshmallow Wrapped In Barbed Wire" #52 - "Irrumator Praetor Matrem Suam" #47 - "A Breakup in Five Acts" Love being here on Reedsy. I appreciate all the collegiality, talent, and support. Love ❤️ to all of you writers who toil in obscurity. I see you. Some of my favorite people: Jonathan Blaauw Thom Brodkin Laura Clark Katina Foster

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