Cody Waltman

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Author bio

I love writing and creating fast-paced intense stories. I typically try to give my tales a gritty pulp vibe. I love the old-school hardboiled detective books. I believe less is more with storytelling. I try to keep the ideas simple but add creative twists. I've learned a lot from writers like Stephen King. I can't count the interviews I've watched with him. Shane Black is incredible. I think of him as the rock star of screenplays. Mickey Spillane does a wonderful job of capturing the rugged sleuths. R.L Stine taught me a lot about capturing the audience's attention. I've been obsessed with movies for most of my life and watching the way stories play out. Writing offers the freedom to tell the story you want to read, and that's what I've always done. A few years ago I decided to start writing a story and it was creative but absolutely terrible. After I finished it I started another one and this one was a little better but still not great. I continued the process until I wrote something that stood out to me. I sent the story to a publisher and it got approved and my first book, Dominance Is Key was published in 2020. One of the characters in the story was really popular with readers and he got his own book, Beckham For Hire published in 2021. The published books are available on Amazon under the name C.G Waltman. I hope if you enjoy my short stories you will consider checking them out.