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✧ Hey there! I'm Aqsa, an 18 year old: Pakistani/British/Kenyan, Scorpio, Selena Gomez & Dylan O'Brien stan, cat fanatic who basically lives on Pinterest :D ✧ I used to read and write a lot (mainly on a site called wattpad) but the responsibilities of school, family, and life in general caught up to me. I've recently started to get back to my roots though, and ever since I found Reedsy, my writing journey has been so much more fun and productive! ✧ Just looking to read beautiful, thought provoking stories by beautiful people on this site, giving honest feedback as well as being open to all the feedback on my own works. ✧ I absolutely adore this community 😳💕 ✧ Hit me up on IG ➵ @a.q.s.a.malik (I'd love to be your friend!) Have a great day 🍃