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Hi! I'm Amy Jayne, a novelist and screenwriter! I hope you enjoy my stories! I started out writing fanfic (I did a Dr Who/Iron Man crossover, can you believe??) and now I'm trying to branch out and see what I can develop myself! Follow my screenwriting adventures! @ConleyWrites While I'm open to any and all criticism, please do keep it pleasant! ;) Some AWESOME authors you should check out: Gip Roberts An amazing writer, Gip's stories will never fail to make you feel something - good or bad, this guy will make you feel it! George Puscuta This guy definitely deserves more recognition for his work! His stories are awesome, excellent plots that unfold with the right pace! Divya Narasimhan A stunning writer, Divyan's works are poetic and so beautifully-written, they transport you straight to a place you've probably never imagined exists! Rose Quartz A sweet writer who deserves way more recognition! Always writes with the main character as Rose, which I really like :) If you're a new writer, the best advice I was ever given was to just WRITE. Write for yourself. It doesn't matter what others think, as long as the work speaks to you.