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Born in Europe, English is his second language, following Italian—then Latin, Pig Latin, French and assorted computer languages. He managed a series of oil company outlets; ran two of his own; became a mechanic, then truck driver, did direct sales; became a Field Engineer for main frame computers. After ten years he switched to software and worked ten more years, receiving world wide acclaim, as a System Programmer. In college he took a dislike to writing of any kind and swore never to try that again. Well, some years later, influenced by Babylon 5's creator and his own pressure to write about two traumatic events, he turned to creative writing. As of June 2021, he has shared 170 published stories with others, 5.2 million online views, and 18 books. We suppose he's one of those who just can't keep a job! Internationally published author, instructor, storyteller Amazon Author; 11/ 8/18 PRACTICE My Son in American Library Association 4/15/19 Seth's Talks in "Flash Fiction Addiction" anthology; [Amazon Author] 5/8/19 Crossed Wires / GUA No. 8 print Arts magazine 6/3/19 Super Power in "Blaze: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Flash Fiction Anthology" ebook at , print at 6/1/19 Windy Paris in "BEYOND: A PARANORMAL MICROFICTION ANTHOLOGY", Dark Drabbles #4" 6/19/19 Dragon Tales Collection: B&N; fnac, 780 outlets, ; Overdrive and 8 other international outlets now including Apple Books 7/ 27/19 Big Bang Explained: in Tempest: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology 2019! In paperback at And kindle at 9/9/19 I Will Not Fear: 9/12/19 EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE in GLEAM: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Second Flash Fiction Anthology 2019. In paperback and Kindle 10/7/19 Romance on Wheels: in BAD ROMANCE. Billed as an anti Valentine’s Day anthology. My story is about a man’s romance with his car and how it affected his living romance(s). 10/9/19 PAIN less: I wrote this for a prompt about siblings. While I don't have any sisters, even I find this a moving if not disturbing piece with some truthful details. 10/2019 Interviewed by Sarah Walker, UK