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Captured in Words

25,100 Subscribers

Let's see... well, I'm Booktuber. I make reviews, lore videos, and theories about books. I just finished college and received my diploma in Writing & Publishing. I now do freelance book design. I have experience with typography, working with a printing press, and graphic design.

Visit channel - Active since 2015 - Hosted by Jay


4,880 Subscribers

Hello, my name is Brista Drake and I'm a Writing Mime, or someone who writes to express themselves, and this is my YouTube channel! We talk a lot about editing/writing books here, but my favorite thing to vlog about is my participation in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. NaNoWriMo helped me publish my first book, and I have accomplished so many life dreams because of it. I also take my viewers step by step through my publishing process, so that they can do it too!

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Brista

Bella Rose Pope

2,078 Subscribers

Future published fantasy author. Drinker of wine. I get paid for my words, so that’s cool. My writing tips are on Youtube!

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Bella


2,210 Subscribers

Hi, my name is Kylie and I am a fellow book-lover trying to share her passion for books on the Internet.

Visit channel - Active since 2015 - Hosted by Kylie


1,470 Subscribers

My name is Stephen Alff and I'm a BOOKTUBER! I'm half Irish and half Luxembourgish. I live in Ireland where I go to University in UCD! As a booktube channel, I post book-related videos! These could be the traditional WRAP-UPS and DISCUSSIONS but also SKETCHES and BOOK-THEMED SONG COVERS!

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Stephen

Kelsey B. Toney

1,620 Subscribers

I'm Kelsey and I am a pretty creative gal. I'm the author of the award-winning YA novel, DAMSEL DISTRESSED. I love books, beauty, craftiness, and connection. I hope you'll check things out.

Visit channel - Active since 2007 - Hosted by Kelsey

The Write Channel with Nicola Valentine

18,000 Subscribers

Hi and welcome to the Write Channel. If you're looking for help and advice with your creative writing, you're in the 'write' place. (Sorry!) I originally set up this channel to compile useful video and playlists as a resource, but it's grown a bit since then. I've created some videos with top tips from Famous Writers like Stephen King, as well as lessons, tips and information about Creative Writing from me. I post new videos every Sunday, and occasionally more often as a bonus. Some of these are part of longer courses, and others stand alone.

Visit channel - Active since 2009 - Hosted by Nicola/Nikki


43,800 Subscribers

iWriterly is your go-to resource for all things writing, including how to write and edit your novel, query literary agents, the book publishing process, and the latest in the writing community.

Visit channel - Active since 2017 - Hosted by Meg


364,000 Subscribers

Hello Everybody! My name is Sasha and I am a book-o-holic (and proud) I talk about every aspect of reading on my channel from book/movie reviews and tags to sketches and event vlogs! I also love to fangirl so if you need a friend to just freak out about a book or movie with, I got you!

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Sasha


253,000 Subscribers

Hi, my name is Kat! I own a ton of books, drink a LOT of coffee, and spend more time online than off.

Visit channel - Active since 2009 - Hosted by Kat

Ariel Bissett

167,000 Subscribers

Hello there, lovely human! :) Let's have some fun while talking about books.. and other stuff!

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Ariel

Jenna Moreci

146,060 Subscribers

My name is Jenna. I write books. I also make videos about writing books. I'm super interesting.

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Jenna

Go With Flick

111,066 Subscribers

Hey! I'm Felicity and welcome to my booktube channel. Musical theatre student, avid reader and booktuber

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Felicity

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