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It was a Friday evening and Ranboo was laying on the couch. He was cuddled up in a maroon sweatshirt, underneath a soft white Christmas blanket.

His eyes traced over the words in the book he was reading. While series of Lemon Demon songs played on repeat through black speakers on a quiet volume.

It was about 8 p.m. and the sun had begun to change the sky into a beautiful mix of orange and pink.

Not that Ranboo cared.

The only thing he cared about at the moment was the book he was reading.

It was nice. He didn't have anyone to bug him, he didn't have anyone to scare him, and he didn't have anyone complaining about his weird choice in music.

Ranboo shared his apartment with 3 other guys. Whether it was arguing, dropping things onto the floor, or taking a shower. There was always some type of noise that was being made. It was moments like these that he cherished because of the raw silence.

His roommate had gone off somewhere and thoughtfully left him alone. He knew it was possibly Tommy's doing as that kid rushes everywhere, though it could have also been Eret's idea as they think about other people when they do things. Who knows? Ranboo was happy that it turned out this way regardless of who made the decision to leave him.

It was getting late, normally he would have been worried to see his roommates, not at the apartment. But, he knew that they were going to be gone for the whole weekend.

The book he was reading was good, but the 400 pages were too short for him. He started reading the book at 6 p.m. it was almost 9 and there were only 4 pages left to read. Overall though, the book was good. It was painfully obvious that the two main characters were in love with each other. But there was also this other character who would come and interrupt the main characters from time to time. That was kind of annoying as it halted whatever conversation they were having and it always seemed like it was the deep or personal conversations they interrupted.

Ranboo got up off of the couch, folded up the blanket he was cuddling with, and set it neatly onto the couch.

On a normal day, you wouldn't be able to do that.

On a normal day, it would have just been dropped into a pile on the floor.

The tall boi walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. When he noticed a little note that was left on the refrigerator.

"Tommy make sure to grab the pillow."

Ranboo blinked, "What in the world is 'the pillow'?" He asked aloud to himself in a very daunting way. He didn't even know who the note was written by, but he wasn't going to question that part. He just wanted to know what, 'the pillow' was.

In a slight state of panic, he wondered if it was drugs or something. Because if it was then Tommy could get in an extreme amount of trouble.

That's when the door was pushed open, "Ranboo!" A loud booming voice echoed through the small apartment. Ranboo almost dropped onto the ground of our freight.

He knew the voice...

It belonged to Tommy.

What was Tommy doing here? Ranboo let out an exasperated sigh before he yelled back.

"I'm in the kitchen!"

In seconds a shorter blond-haired male walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face. "Heyyyy Ranboo, boss man." There was this suspicious tone in his voice.

Ranboo raised an eyebrow as he looked stared at the other male's features.

"Hey, Tommy..." The taller boy sounded confused and skeptical. "What are you doing here?"

"It doesn't matter. Put these clothes on and grab your phone. We are going to a party." Ranboo let out a loud scream as a voice just *poofed* into existence behind him.

Tommy flinched at the scream while Eret, the one whose 'voice *poofed* into existence'. He dropped some clothes onto the counter, Ranboo was hunched over trying to catch his breath.

There goes his weekend.

"Grayson bailed on us and we need three people to get into the party. It's some kind of buddy system thing, complete bullshit if I do say so myself." Tommy spoke in his regular tone of voice know that the plan was finished.

Ranboo glanced up at Tommy with an annoyed look on his face. "I'm not going to the party." He said in a stern voice. He wasn't, he just wasn't.

Slowly, Ranboo gained back his posture and stood up straight. "You are." Tommy shot back in the darkest tone he could.

"I'm not."

"You are." Eret joined in.

"No, I'm not." Ranboo was serious about what he was saying.

"Yes, you are," Tommy said back in the same serious tone.

"Tommy, Eret, I'm not going to the stupid party. I don't like going out in public even, why would I wanna go to a party?" Ranboo looked at the clothes that lay on the counter.

"Ranboo, I'm sorry but you have to come with us." Eret placed his hand on Ranboo's shoulder.

"Or the whole school gets a photo of you eating cake at your fifteenth birthday party."

It wasn't a second that passed, as Ranboo quickly grabbed the clothes off of the counter and walked to his and Grayson's shared room. He wasn't even going to give them a reason to show that photo to anyone in the school. It was embarrassing and shouldn't have even been taken in the first place.

When he was finished changing he angrily walked out of the room and looked at the two boys. "Oh cheer up, boss man. We wouldn't want that photo to be on the interwebs now would we?" Tommy said in a threatening tone despite having a huge smile on his face. Ranboo shook his head...

He was disappointed... The weekend plans he had were now ruined.


Eret pulled up to a house that was bustling with activity. Ranboo could already feel the anti-social in him creeping out. The house had a flood of teenagers/college students alike inside of it. Eret had the radio of the car on, but you could hear the music -clearly- coming from the house. Ranboo clutched his cellphone in hand as Eret parked the car. "Time to get out."

It wasn't like Ranboo even had a choice. He had to get out and so he did. A strong smell of something foul wafted through the air.

The group of three made their way into the house. Being stopped on the way in by a brute of a male, whom Ranboo was slightly taller than. He asked if they were a group of three, to which they said yes to.

"Have fun, boss man." Ranboo watched as Tommy ran away the moment he for the inside of the house.

'Of course, he would do that.' Ranboo thought to himself in poor distaste of the younger boy.

"Well, the drinks are over there." Eret pointed to an open concept kitchen as he made his way over to them. Ranboo followed suit because he didn't want to get left alone at a party where he literally knew nobody. That would be a huge nightmare all in itself.

The music was blasting, teenagers were dancing their hearts out. Everyone around them had a red solo cup in hand and a wacky smile on their face.

Ranboo wasn't going to lie.

He was terrified.

Eret and him got over to the kitchen, on the counter was a large pool of red liquid. Eret grabbed a red cup and filled it halfway with the red liquid, then he handed it to Ranboo. "It's punch, just act like your drinking it if you don't actually wanna drink it."


It was about an hour and a half later and Ranboo was in a corner, half out of his mind. But, he was still kinda conscious enough to know what he was doing and saying.

Thoughtout the time he had been in that corner many girls had come up to him and asked for less than innocent things. Ranboo prettened like he wasn't paying attention by going on his phone. He couldn't talk to them. He wasn't a social human like that, there was no way he was going to open up and say something.

But there was this one girl who was extremely drunk. She walked up to Ranboo and wrapped herself around him.

"Your so tall..." She mumbled, Ranboo looked down at her, he practically began hyperventilating. He lifted one of his arms behind his head and tried to push her off without really hurting her in the prossess or really even trying to touch her.

"Please... Get off of me. I don't know you."

She closed her half lidded eyes, "Mm... No... Your handsome and tall. Just my type." She let out a soft giggle, but Ranboo couldn't hear it.

"No, I'm not... Now please get off of me, I like my personal space..."

"You are-"

"Jenny!" A loud voice boomed thought a megaphone. The people stopped dancing, and seconds later the music was turned off.

"Please, get off of me.." Ranboo tried to talk the girl off of him but it wasn't working. That's when she was pulled off of him by a guy who was almost his height. He had black hair and piercing blue eye. "What are you doing with my girl?!"

It was the guy who had the megaphone. Ranboo didn't know what to say. "Answer me, you punk!" The guy yelled.

"I-She, came over to me... And, and-".

"Don't lie about it! I saw you with your hands on her."

Ranboo ultimately stranded himself into a corner, conplelty throwing himself into a wolf. "

The guy was getting closer and closer, a circle had started to form around them. "I-I'm not lying..."

This is why he hated coming to parties. His appearance had a lot to do with my he was anti-social. There was always people who had to pop his bubble.

A hand was placed on the other guys chest, as a different hand was placed on Ranboo's stomach.

"Stand back hot stuff, I don't want you to damage that body of yours." Ranboo looked down to see a very short brown haired male wink at him.

Well, there's a first time for everything I guess.

After that, everything was just a huge blur.


Ranboo opened his eyes, looking out at a lone island with giant oak tree that was surrounded by a body of water.

"What are you thinking about?" Ranboo flinched slightly at the hand that was placed on his shoulder as he zoned back into focus.

"What?" He turned around to come face to face with a small toddler light brown hair. Getting scared once again from the cute jump scare.

"I asked about what you were thinking."

Ranboo grabbed the toddler and held him in his arms gently. "Hi, Micheal." Ranboo whispered softly to the toddler. As he looked down at the brown haired male in a yellow jumper. He gave the short male a smile, before leaning down and planting a kiss to the top of his head.

"I was thinking about the fateful day I met you." He whisperer again the fluffy hair.

The shorter male chuckled, "That's what you always say, don't you ever think about anything else?"

Ranboo stepped back from the male and gave the 'you really think I think about anything else other than you and our son' look.

"Okay, okay I get it, you love us." The shorter male smirked.

"Wait, what's your name again?" Ranboo teased.

The brown haired male gasped and placed a hand over his mouth. "I've been married to you for 2 years and you don't even remembery name!?"

Ranboo placed Michael -the toddler- onto the ground. The small boy ran off into the house. Ranboo picked up the brown haired male, his arms wrapped around his legs as the male was practically sitting on his arms.

"I was just kidding, I love you Tubbo." Ranboo spoke in a sweet voice.

Tubbo leaned forward wrapping arms around around Ranboo's head, created a ball in the tall males arms.

"I love you to, my love."

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I really like the shift in time in the last section!


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Aah, Thank you!! <3☺


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