Bedtime Story

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“Kevin, time to sleep. Come on, hurry up!”

“One second, mom. I want to tell dad something.”

“Oh yes my son. What is it?”

“Dad, today after our school, me, Alex and Sarah was returning home and we saw something was flying in the sky. We chased it, but it disappear in the clouds. It went to the back of the school. We headed their but Alex thought it’s not a good idea so we returned.”

“Oh, what do you think it was, Kevin?”

“I thought it was an UFO, or maybe something more mysterious.”

Mom and dad laughed. Kevin was a 7 years old kid. He had interest in mysteries, treasures, fantasies and all those things which can keep a small boy busy. So, he used to think what he reads.

“Come on now. Tomorrow you find out what was that.”

“Dad, story time!”


Kevin had a habit of hearing bedtime stories. He demands new story every night. Sometimes it went 2, 3 even 4 stories too. Mom handles it wisely but this time Kevin wanted dad to tell a story.

“Only one story Kevin”.

“Okay dad, but it has to be great.”

Mom put a water bottle for Kevin and sit next to him. Dad looked confused.

“What are you finding John?” Mom asked.

“A storybook”.

“He knew every story in each book he has.” Mom replied.

“Then how you tell him a story?”

“Hmm…I make up something till he sleeps. And you too, have to do that.”

“What, what but I am not a great story teller. Will you please tell him a story?”

“No dad. I want to hear a story from you. Mom always tells me. Now it’s your turn. Please. Please.”

John couldn’t deny Kevin’s request.

“Okay, I’ll try.”

“Yeeeppiii…..” Kevin cheered.

“Once upon a time there was a king. He fought the bad and won.”

Kevin looked at mom.

“No John. Tell him the proper story.”

“I am trying. Or I can sing you a lullaby. You would love it. Let me—“

“Story story story!!!” Kevin kept saying.

“Okay okay. Behold! Today you are going to be thrilled by my story”.

“There was a city named Happyville. There were three brave kids- Jack, Anna and Max. They were adorable and they used to play together, as they were best friends. Once they were returning from school they saw a weird flying thing which disappear in the back of their school. The kids were curious but they were late for home so they decided to investigate the next day. On the next morning, Max and Anna gathered at Jack’s home. They took some food with them and went for investigating. Max brought a binocular and Anna found some tools in her store room. They went so quick. After hiking the hill Max saw some footprints weird and small. Anna took a picture of it and they followed the footprints. When they reach at a place which was filled with a nice smell, and the footprints ended there. And their eyes spread wider than ever, There was a very big UFO, crashed on the land. There were small weird looking aliens roaming around. They were in many colors, blue, pink, red, green, yellow and many more. It was a colourful scenario. They heard a roar from behind and as soon as they turned back-”

Kevin got excited. “What happen then?”

“They turned back and they saw nothing. They went in the direction of that roar, and they again came to the same place. The roar was coming out of the spaceship. Something touched to Jack’s feet. It was a very smooth touch. It was a small blue alien touching him. It was so innocent looking. Anna just wanted to take that in her hands, and she did. That alien too look happy. Slowly many of them came fearlessly towards the kids. But they still not figured out from where that roar came. One of them came forward and told something to the one who was in Anna’s hands. He touched his head to Anna’s and some light flashed. He started talking like us. Then he passed a beam of light to all the aliens and soon all of them started talking our language. Jack, Anna and Max amazed. The alien told them that they were going to another planet for the research of another living system, but they went too close to the Earth and the Earth’s gravity attracted the ship and it crashed. But the crashing brought good to them because it fulfilled their research of another organisms and they got what they wanted. And now they are going back. Anna offered them the food. They looked so happy by eating it. Jack asked them about the roar they heard. That chief alien laughed and told them that it was a roar of a lion they recorded last night and want to bring it to their planet. They all laughed. Aliens went back to their planet and kids ran back to their houses. After all they wanted to tell their parents about the—“

“Aliens?” Kevin said

“Lion!” Dad laughed.

“They promised the aliens that they will keep it as a secret and the kept their promise. So, how was the story?”

“Awesome dad! Loved it. You will tell me stories from now. And tomorrow we are going to find that thing. Who knows if it will turn up something like dad's story!” Kevin was so happy.

Dad looked startled. He looked at mom. Mom could not stop laughing.

August 23, 2019 11:30

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