"Oh the Splendor of it All!"

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Inspirational Friendship Speculative

Sleep to her was not something she desired; this was due to her insatiable need to experience every single minute of her life! Sleep was a waste of her precious time. She feared she might miss something if she closed her eyes for too long. Even the uncontrollable blink of her eyes made her feel at a loss of time. She absorbed life, like a sponge, she drank it in is as if it was a cocktail made of the finest liquor just for her, and she savored every sip! The world was full of splendor and every moment held a ticket to a new adventure and she held the key to each new door she chanced upon.

Any concern I expressed to her of her need to rest fell upon deaf ears. As her ears only heard the melody of her song in the world. Our Earth was a glorious creation that she was meant to explore, and that is just what she intended to do! She glided through life on the wings of time, she seemed to be everywhere at once. Her excitement in each moment was intoxicating, and that, I think, is why I enjoyed being a part of her world so very much.

I must say, I never met anyone like her! Nor do I expect to in this lifetime. 

With her, I explored the caves of the indigenous tribes, the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, the Inca pyramids, I danced with the Natives and sailed the seas in search of lost treasures. I gazed at the stars in wonder as I learned there is so much more than I thought ever existed. I traveled the world and welcomed the lessons of my soul. Through her, I felt I would never grow old.

She tasted all of God’s creation with a hunger I could never match as she stopped to smell every flower and drink of its nectar. Her gentle touch tickled each flower peddle as she greeted each bloom by name. She left each unscathed, just as they were when first she came. She stopped to thank each and every tree along her way, for the life-giving gift they delivered and she wondered at the length of their days and all that they might endure. She engaged with all of this with an innocence that was so humble and pure.

And her beauty! Her beauty was such that none could compare! Of this, I am sure, she was unaware.

Yes! Life was her lottery, and she held the winning ticket. She had no time for worry and concern, she was so full of life, with ambition she went about her way, determined not to overlook the wonder in even the smallest of things. As she absorbed it all with a never-ending grace. Not one to spend too much time on any one thing, she would make her way to the next with excitement and anticipation of what lay ahead!

“Oh! The splendor of it all!” She would exclaim as she reached the shore of a distant beach, I honestly believe she would have counted every grain of sand and gave each living creature a special name if she had had the time. And still, nothing that she touched was left lacking as she enhanced all that she encountered with the ominous essence of her being!

She was beautiful, this friend of mine, albeit exhausting at times, it was then at these times, I would find myself magically revived with the energy of one hundred rested mornings! “We can sleep when we are dead!”, she would exclaim as she laughed in delight from her belly with the innocence of a child. And in so doing she lit up my world. 

She never slept, nor did she desire to. She was as busy as the days are long and she filled every minute absorbing the wonder of her surroundings! She experienced each second of her life, engulfed in the blessings she was bestowed, she never failed to thank her creator for it all.

She was always welcomed, wherever she would go! At times I was in total awe of her ability to give so much of her amazing self, she was a free spirit! She was never burdened with the worries of my world, she brought light where there may be darkness, and hope to those who had none, and with such ease and grace, she spread love to all that she encountered along her way. Never judging, she held fault at bay with words of encouragement as she found joy in singing the praises of the accomplishments of others.

I found myself settling down which allowed me to review just how long she had been my friend. What seemed to me to be a lifetime was just 28-short days! 28-short days! This echoed in my mind as I counted each and every blessing that had been bestowed upon me and the wisdom I had gained while accompanying her as she went about her days. I found it all so humbling that I should be her friend. I wrapped my arms around her, sending all the love my heart could send as I thanked her, for being her, and for making me her friend.

She looked at me with eyes that twinkled from a place ever so deep within and she smiled a smile that would melt any heart needing no spoken words as she silently called me friend. She returned my hug just as she had received mine and I felt whole and fully satisfied.

One can only imagine my wonder and surprise when then she said to me. “My dear friend I find myself in need of rest, I fear that I must sleep, it has been 28-days since we first met, and we haven’t rested yet!” I never questioned her, oh so I wish I had! She closed her eyes to sleep and fell into her eternal slumber as her last breaths sang my lullaby. I surrendered to my need for sleep, but first I thanked my Creator for this beautiful friend of mine, my Painted Lady Butterfly…

March 24, 2022 12:40

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