My Father

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My mother always told me not to walk in the woods during nights, since they will come out. She had warned me from my childhood days not to roam there. But here I am walking in the woods, to give a baby backpack to my friend who lives across these woods.

My friend Lily, came to my house with their cute daughter Rose, who is eight months old. We really had a good time. And she left about an hour ago. When I was getting ready for my bed, my phone ringed and it was Lily.

"Hey darling, sorry to disturb. But could you check something for me. I feel like I left my baby's bag there."

I groaned and got down from my bed, I switched on the hall light and looked for the bag. And I found it on the sofa lying open.

"Lily, it's here, I will bring it to you tomorrow."

"Oh no. Rose has been crying for long. There is her favorite plushy and she doesn't sleep without it."

I sighed and I knew where this conversation was going.

"Honey, can you bring it now. I know it's late but I can't leave my baby here, besides her father has not returned from the meeting."

I looked at the time and it was 9.35 pm. I loved Lily and Rosie very much. I knew how much she loves this stuffed animal.

"Alright I will be there." I hung up the call and took the bag and grabbed a scarf to prevent myself from catching the cold. I have been living alone for almost an year after my mother's death. I don't know my father, and my mother never liked it whenever I asked about him. She would always say,

"He is not one among us."

I made sure I had enough torch lights, the baby bag, and some heat packs. It's cold outside and I tightly worn the scarf and started to walk.

The place seems quite beautiful under the moonlight. I wish there were more street lights, it would be easy for me not to trip on anything else. Lily's house was across the woods, and it will take some time for me to reach there.

I hummed the music which came to my mind, and suddenly I heard some weird noises. I halted and looked behind with my torch light.


I still felt uncomfortable. I felt like someone was following me. The wind was blowing heavily making the trees dance. The shedding of leaves sound could be heard, it was so silent. I sped up my walk and didn't dare to look back. I grabbed the bag tightly and started to run. I heard the sound coming closer and closer. Suddenly I heard a heavy growl making my body go weak.

I tripped on the stone and my torch light fell somewhere. My whole body was trembling, I wish I had stayed home. With shaky hands I took another torch from the bag, and when I switched it on I screamed.

I saw a big black animal with eyes red as fire, standing in front of me.

Was that a fox? Wolf?

I could hear the animal's breathing, and I could sense it was snifing me.

"I am not a dog." I thought to myself.

Suddenly an idea popped my head, I had studied the bear story in my kindergarten. The moral story behind "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

If I pretended to die, maybe this animal would go. I smiled at the idea, and closed my eyes, and took a deep breath and lied on the ground.

I heard the wolf growling loudly, and I clutched my fingers.

"God I am so young. I haven't seen many things in my life. Let me live please."

I prayed in my mind and hoped this animal would go away. I felt difficult to hold my breath, I breathed out and silently opened one eye to see whether the wolf was there.

To mu surprise it was no more. I sighed and got up and turned to shock at the view of the same wold standing there, wiggling its long tail. I passed out right at the place when I saw it coming towards me. And everything went black.

I didn't know how long was I sleeping, I felt a strong head ache, and felt sticky on my face. When I tried to open my eyes I saw the same wolf licking my face.


I screamed my heart out, and suddenly the door opened revealing a man probably in his fifties rushing to me.

"Ah thank god you are awake. Now John leave her and wait outside." He ordered and the wolf obeyed.

Is he a pet animal? What kind of people have wolf as their pets?

"How are you feeling?" He sat beside me by touching my forehead.

"I-I am good, just a little head ache." I groaned and scratched my neck, and suddenly I remembered.

"W-Where am I? I need to go home. My friend will be waiting for me." I tried to get up, but my legs felt week and I stumbled. The man caught me and made me to lie on the bed.

"You are safe here. You look beautiful, just like your mother."

"My mother? Do you know her?"

He nodded for my question. I didn't know whether he was a friend or a relative. I didn't have any energy to further question him.

"Guess your mother never told you about me?"

I nodded and wondered how he was related to my mother.

"Come let's go for a walk." He got up from the bed and reached his hands for me. I gladly took it and stood up with him. He opened the door, and I immediately hugged his hand tight when I saw the same wolf standing outside. He chuckled it off and said

"Don't be afraid. He won't hurt." I nodded but still felt uneasy, and kept myself close to him and walked along the woods. I could see that there were several wolves roaming calmly, and some humans didn't bother about it.

"What are they?" I asked since I couldn't control my curiosity.


"Werewolves? Aren't they just exist in fantasy books?"

He laughed at my question. I have read such books, but never thought they were real.

"Haven't your mother warned you about them?"

I was surprised since he literally knew everything about me and my mother.

"She had. She always told me not to walk in the woods during nights."

"Then why were you alone in the woods?"

"I-I was asked to bring a bag to my friend's house."

I admitted and he nodded.

"Your mother and I met during night. When I was hunting for food, while she was searching for her lost object."

I stopped walking and looked at him with a slight hint of fear.

"A-Are you a werewolf?"

"Took you long minutes to realize that." He laughed making me feel embarrassed.

"Are you a friend of my mother?" We both started to walk again. I couldn't believe I was having a conversation with a werewolf.

Will he eat me if he is hungry?

"I got her pregnant, and left her."

Wait what?

I looked at him in disbelief. Was he the one whom my mother always hated and ignored my questions whenever I asked about my father.

"Y-You are my..?" I couldn't form the sentence. For all these years, I didn't know who my father was, and here I am talking with my father, who is a werewolf. My body started to shake. I knew how it was difficult for my mother to take care of me without a father figure. And now he shows up from no where and confesses me that he is my father.

"Father." He completed my sentence.

April 14, 2020 13:05

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