The Dominant Raccoon and The Tomato Family Nightmare.

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*The Dominant Raccoon.*

In a forest, way out in the middle of nowhere, a raccoon lived with his other furry friends. On every passing day since the raccoons birth he would play and learn with the other creatures of the forest. They all grew up together and bonded a unique friendship with each other as they grew older.

Despite the friendship held between these forest creatures, most of the raccoons friends despised dominant raccoon. The raccoon would boast and bully all of his friends because he was stronger and smarter. He would torture and tease the other forest animals until they had enough.

Upon three moon rises the friends of the raccoon brainstormed ideas that could work on schooling the raccoon with his dominating demeanor. With a plan finally accepted by all the raccoons friends the forest creatures created a scheme to teach the racoon a lesson.

Not far in the forest, where the animals and the raccoon lived, a black bear also took up residents in the forest. Agreeing to help the raccoon's friends to teach dominant raccoon a valuable life lesson, the bear approached the raccoon one summer day.

Showing massive teeth and claws, the black bear overpowered the dominant raccoon and subdued him. Swinging a fast blow with his paws the black bear knocked the racoon unconscious.

A short while after the racoon regained his alertness and became aware of where he was the dominant raccoon acknowledged his defeat. He whimpered and bowed before the almighty beast.

"I give up bear. You have bested me this day. What is it that you want? Why approach me with such aggression?"

After putting the racoon in his place with his extraordinary size and strength the black bear gave raccoon some advise on how the universe works.

"Raccoon! You have been taught that you cannot control everything. And that you will find yourself in a situation where something else has the leverage, not you." The black bear roared on.

"You need to overcome your weakness and learn to live without being able to do anything about it. You cannot control everything. Eventually you will have to stop all your mean shenanigans. You cannot do something to someone for ever. Other living things can come back for revenge and dominant you in turn. Do well to remember this."

Time went on and dominant raccoon recalled the wise black bears words over and over in his head. With the newly balanced characteristic the raccoon showed, all the other forest creatures gradually warmed up and became closer friends with the raccoon.

Never again will he be afraid of not being able to control everything. He will be advocate to bravery, not fear. For fear only leads to sin and evil.

Since then never did the raccoon entertain any vice behavior towards another creature again. He took to learning more adages of life and started his own monk ism.

The raccoon even taught and helped the offsprings of the other forest animals about how no action is where truth truthfully settles and originates in and from.

Morale. Action is only temporary. Eventually something else does the action. And in the end, only truths remains, not action.

*The Tomato Family Nightmare.*

The TV echoed on from the cast on a horror film. A young male snuggled up in his blanket and inched it further up his face. He now only had half his head peeking out from under the blanket, eyes strained nervously on the scary movie that continued.

It had been past his bedtime in the middle of the night and he managed to stay awake to watch this movie his friend told him about. Careful not to wake his mother down the hall.

The young lad accomplished dimming the TV's light so it would not illuminate out from under his bedroom door and shine a giveaway of his childish rebellion.

Suddenly a man screamed on the film and a body laid on the living room of the movie scene. The young boy cringed and suck deeper into his comfy, security blanket.

"OMG! Gary! This can't be happening." The movie character ran over to his friends limp and lifeless body.

Just then, Gary, one of the cast crew from the movie, jumped up off the floor and proclaimed, "Ha-ha! I got you Bobby. I am not dead, this is ketchup to fool you. I told Sarah I would eventually get you."

Bobby grabbed Gary and scorned his pranking friend, pushing him away in annoyance.

"Very funny Gary. So Sarah put you up to this uh? You both really got me didn't you?"

Bobby then grabbed the ketchup bottle out of Gary's hand and started to shake some on his arm. "Oh look, I cut myself. Look how bloody I am. Real mature."

At that moment Bobby threw the ketchup bottle at Gary but missed and hit the wall behind Gary. Ketchup drenched, the bottle shattering and the ketchup started to run down the wall towards the floor.

Without hesitation, seeing the ketchup splattered wall on the movie urk it's way down the wall, the young male, now fully hidden under the blanket, gasped and yelled out in terror.

"AHH! No! That is terrible. And gross."

At that very moment the young man's Mom came into the boys room.

"Tommy! What is all that shouting about?" She saw the TV and then turned it off. "You are too young to be watching scary stuff like this. Now go to bed."

"Ok mom." Agreed Tommy.

Tommy's mother tucked him into his bed and kissed him on his bald forehead. She then walked and stood at his bedroom door, pausing for a moment.

Before the mother left Tommy's room to finally get back to hers and finish her sleeping she turned to explain and ease Tommy so he wouldn't have any nightmares.

"Tommy, you know all that stuff is not real. They actually use real blood instead of tomato juice. We tomato's have nothing to worry about. No one will ever kill us to make ketchup."

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