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Friendship Drama Kids

Emma got to school. There were two kids running around the entry.

“Hey Em.” Her friend Lola said. “Go run with them.”

Even though Emma knew it was wrong she still went over and ran with the kids. She ended up getting in trouble for it. Later that day in her history class the class took a test. 

“Hey Emma.” Her other friend Samanatha said. “Go peek over Jason’s shoulder and copy his answers.”

“Wait you mean cheat?” Emma asked.

“Yeah.” Samantha said.

Emma knew this was very wrong and she was also very prepared for the test but she still peeked over Jason’s shoulder and copied his answers. Her teacher caught her and informed her that she would be having a talk with Emma’s parents. At lunch Emma threw an apple at Jade because Chloe told her too. When she got home she saw some kids from her school chasing pigeons. 

“Emma.” One of them called. “Come join us.”

Emma loved animals but since they told her too she did. When she finally went inside her mom was waiting for her.

“Emma.” She said. “I got a call from Ms. Sourby saying that you cheated on your test today. I also just saw you chasing those pigeons. You love animals.”

“I know mom.” Emma said. “It’s just that Samantha told her to cheat on the test and one of the kids outside told me to chase the pigeons.”

“Emma I don’t care what somebody else tells you. You have to start making your own decisions.” Emma’s mom scolded.

Emma sighed and went up to her room. She hated that she always did what everyone else told her to do but she didn’t know how to stop. Finally she made up her mind to not do what Lola told her to do the next day. Then Emma got on her phone and was playing on it when her little sister came in.

“Hey Emma go tell mom she’s ugly and she smells bad.”

Emma couldn’t resist. She went down stairs and told her mom just that.

“Emma!” Her mom gasped.

“I’m sorry mom Jessie told me too.”

“Emma I don’t care what Jessie said to you. You do not say that to your mother. Now go to your room. I’ll bring you dinner on a tray.”

“Ok.” Emma sulked back to her room.

That night Emma had her dinner on a tray and then she went to bed. When she woke up in the morning she went downstairs, phone in hand.

“Hey Emma.” Jessie said. “Text Mom and tell her that you don’t like her.”

Emma’s mom had gone out early so she wasn’t home. Emma took out her phone. She knew she would get in so much trouble but she still texted her mom just that. Her mom replied by calling Emma.

“Emma Stars. That is so mean. You are grounded and before you tell me that Jessie told you too remember that you are your own body and you make your own decisions, but tell Jessie she’s grounded too for playing with you like that.”

“Okay mom and I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you Emma. Saying something is one thing but texting it, well the text is going to be there forever.”

“Okay. I love you mom.”

“I love you too Emma.”

After Emma hung up with her mom she stormed up the stairs to Jessie’s room and walked inside.

“Jessie! Why would you make me do that? You just got me grounded.” Emma yelled.

“Oh sorry.” Jessie said sarcastically.

“Oh and by the way your grounded too.” Emma said. Then she stormed out of the room. 

10 minutes later she was on the bus about to pull up at the school. When she got off the bus her friends were waiting.

“Hey Emma.” Samantha said. “Go inside and tell Ms. Stone that she looks bad.”

Emma walked inside and told Ms. Stone.

“You look bad.” Ms. Stone gasped.

“Why Emma that is so rude!” Ms. Stone said.

“Oh I’m sorry Ms. Stone but Samantha told me to do it.” Emma said.

“I don’t care.” Ms. Stone said. “You have detention and tell Samantha that she has detention too.”

Emma nodded and walked back to her friends. 

“Samantha you just got me detention.” Emma said. Samantha shrugged. “Oh also Ms. Stone gave you detention too.” Emma told her.

“What!?” Samantha yelled. “You told her I told you too?” 

“Yes.” Emma said.

“Emma why would you do that?” Samantha asked.

“I don’t know.” Emma said.

“Go and get the microphone from Ms. Stone’s hand and say into it I’m stupid.” Samantha said.

Emma took a deep breath. This was what her mom was talking about. She couldn’t let people boss her around. She wasn’t stupid and she wasn’t going to let anyone else think that.

“No.” Emma said.

Saying it felt so refreshing like drinking a cold glass of water about running around on a hot summer day.

“What do you mean no?” Samantha demanded.

“ I mean no. I’m not going to do that and you can’t make me.” Emma said. “You’ve been bossing me around for too long and I’m not going to deal with it anymore.” 

“What do you mean?” Samantha asked.

“I mean I don’t want to be your friend anymore. A real friend would never tell me to do all those things but you did so you must not be a real friend. And neither are Chloe and Lola.” Emma replied.

“Fine but you’ll regret this.” Samantha said and then she stalked away.

When Emma got home from school her mom told her…

“Emma Ms. Stone called and said she had to give you detention because you were rude to her.”

“I know mom but I learned from that and I said no! After Samantha told me to do that she said to go get the microphone and say I was stupid and I said no! I can make my own decisions now!” Emma exclaimed.

“Oh Emma. Even though I’m still mad at you about being rude to Ms. Stone, I am so proud of you. Good job.”

“Thanks mom.”

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