“No!” Shelley yelled into the phone. “I am quite happy, I don’t need a blind date!”

Her best friend Beth, was adamant. “Yes you do!” “You told me only yesterday, how you get lonely sometimes!”

 “I was exaggerating!” Yelled Shelley.

“Too late now.” Said Beth. “I already have a guy lined up, and waiting to meet you!”

“What?” “No, you can’t do this to me!” Yelled Shelley.

Beth had already hung up. Shelley regretted she had ever let Beth know how she really felt.

While Shelley ranted and raved about not needing anyone, her so-called blind-date Danny, wasn’t all that worried. Either she would like him or she wouldn’t, that was it. He got lonely sometimes, too, but he had a lot of nice friends where he lived.

Shelley threw clothes around her room in disgust. “Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?” “I’ve been by myself for 6 years, since my partner Harry died, and I like being by myself!” “Well maybe sometimes I feel a bit lonely, like when I have nobody here at Christmas.” “Anyway that’s only once a year and it’s just another day.” She told herself. “I’ll tell this guy exactly how I feel, he won’t stay around long after that!”

Danny got more and more excited as the day got nearer. He had told his friends about this lady he was going to meet and they were all very happy for him, and wished him luck. When he thought about it, “Yes, it would be nice to sit in front of a warm fireplace, have someone bring your dinner to you, and give you cuddles.” “I think I might enjoy that!” Danny had been alone for two years now, after his last lady-friend had died. He was quite happy, but he realised how much nicer it would be to have some companionship. He wondered if she was fond of animals.

Shelley looked at her calendar. “Three days!” “I only have 3 days to prepare for what could be a life-changing situation!” “No pressure!” She told herself. Even though she was still mad at Beth, she was also very curious, as to what sort of a man Beth had picked out, for her to meet. Beth was her best friend. “She used to be!” Shelley said. Surely your best friend would know who you would like. Shelley giggled. “Well, tall, dark and handsome for a start, then the right age, and a fabulous job would help!” “I wouldn’t mind if they owned a large yacht, or a fifty-acre horse ranch!” Shelley laughed so hard, she cried. Then she realised she really was crying. Shelly had been trying to stay upbeat about all this, but underneath she was a mess. She hadn’t even spoken to a single man for 6 years, and she was sure she would mess the whole thing up. Shelley looked in the mirror. She was in her forties, not bad looking, nice long black hair, a trim figure. “What is there not to like?” She thought.

“The big question now is, what do I wear?” And she laughed again. “Not that I’m trying to impress anyone, anyway!’

Danny wasn’t looking forward to this meeting.  “What if she was like a lot of others, and didn’t like him? ”He was good looking and had quite a few muscles, so he was sure she would like him. He had met quite a few women over the last couple of years, some he liked, but they didn’t like him. This was just another one, so he wouldn’t get his hopes up. Then again, he thought. “I would like to have a companion, for my old age.” “That would be nice!”

The big day arrived. Shelley put on her navy slacks, a light blue blouse and a navy woollen coat. She didn’t want to overdo her look, just be on the conservative side. She smudged on a whisp of make-up and brushed her hair. Shelley drove down town and parked outside The Pew Café. There were quite a few people there already, even a lady with a beautiful, grey Husky, sitting at an outside table. Then Shelley saw Beth waving from inside. Shelley walked past the lady with the Husky, “What a beautiful dog!” Shelley said. “I always wanted a dog, but never seemed to get around to getting one, and there is such a lot of different dogs to choose from, it just seemed too involved.” Shelley went inside to meet Beth.

“Well, I’m here!” Shelley said. “I’ve ordered us a coffee, sit down Shelley.” Beth replied. “What time will this tall, dark stranger arrive?” Shelley asked. “Oh, I’m sure he won’t be far away!” Beth said. They sat there and started to drink their coffee, and talk about the week just gone.

Beth held her arm up, and looked at her watch. At that moment a woman walked up to the table and Shelley realised it was the owner of the Husky. “Hi!” she said. “My name is Irene, I run the local dog shelter.”

Shelley said Hello and shook Irene’s hand. “Surely that beautiful Husky hasn’t been left at a shelter?” She said.

“He is a gorgeous dog .” Irene said. “But unfortunately his elderly owner died, so he was left with us.” “You seem to like dogs, would you like to meet Danny?”

Shelley loved all dogs, so she eagerly got up to meet this beautiful Husky. Shelley walked outside to the table where Danny was waiting. She crouched down to pat him, and when she looked into his eyes, she fell in love.

Beth was standing beside her. “Shelley.” She said. “I’d like you to meet Danny, your blind date!”

Shelley looked at her wide-eyed, then burst into tears of joy.

“Beth, I absolutely love him!” “How can I ever thank you?” “Just doing my job as best friend!” she laughed.

Danny looked at his lovely new owner, and it was love at first sight. He gave Shelley a lick on the hand. “Thank you for rescuing me.” He thought. “I will love you loyally, until the day I die!’

Shelley gave him a cuddle, as tears of happiness ran down her face. She had found her new man, at last.

August 26, 2020 07:33

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