Kids Mystery Fiction


By Professor Alan Dale Dickinson


You have heard of Superman, Superwoman, Batman, the Equalizer, the Bionic-man and bionic-woman, and Supergirl. And you also, you have heard of Captain Marvel, Busy the Super Rabbit, Aqua-man, Spiderman, Supergirl, X-man, Spider-girl, the Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk, amongst many other super ignited individuals, right?

But, have you heard about Charlie O’Brien, Super Detective?

What he, and they all the rest of these superheroes, have in common, is that they all possess ‘Super Powers’ as well as their very gifted innate human and physical abilities, along with great mental strength and emotional strongmindedness.

Charlie for example, is quite intuitive, has very quick reflects, has exceptional muscle control, has a great six-pack, and is completely buffed out, and also has very keen eyesight, with oversized lungs.

Also, he has a double-walled heart cavity, has three kidneys, he is ambidextrous, he can jump well over 6 feet vertically, and he can outrun all of the fastest humans that participate in the Olympics every year.

And, Charlie also happens to have ‘supernatural and/or superhuman powers,’ and the other Superheroes, and he are also completely dedicated to ‘protecting’ the general, and quite vulnerable, general Public!

Charlie’s favorite three superheroes are; The Green Lantern, X-men, and the ‘Black Rabbit.’ Everyone knows about how great the X-men and the Green Lantern are, however, most people, young or old, do not know about the Black Rabbit (whom is in reality white), the black cape hides her real color as a disguise!

Let me tell you about the superhero ‘Black Rabbit’ and her quite unique human physical, as well as supernatural abilities. She is smaller than all of the other superheroes listed above.

Also, she is faster, she hops with amazing agility, and with her big ears she can fly, and sore the Heavens, and with her special coat of hair, she can sustain 130- degree heat and minus [-] 30 degrees cold.

Most people say how cute she is when they see her, but little do they know, that she can also be quite the little terror. She is also a little bit too demanding, and likes to eat carpet, chairs, furniture, T.V. and phone cords, for some unknown reason.

She looks like a Siamese’s cat, with her coloring and such, and she is part cat that is why. She also thinks that she is Rabbit Royalty, and she has great loyalty.

She can see in the dark, with her eyes half- closed, and can smell her food clear across the room. She loves Hay, and Parsley, but her favor by far, are rabbit Pellets. I do not know what is in them, but she just cannot get enough of them.

She has two Superhero friends, one is named Boots, and the other one is named Chula. They belong to Peggy, or she belongs to them, is a more accurate description.

Some people think that she is just a plain ole ordinary Rabbit, however, they do not have a clue what she really can do to help save the Planet.

Charlie O’Brien, is a Pet Detective as well as a Superhero. He travels the Globe searching for the ‘Bad guys,’ and girls, who have stolen for ransom, pets of all kinds, as well as some other types of heinous Criminals and evil Tortfeasors.

Charlie, with the assistance of his superhuman powers and his keen wit, has rescued beloved pets for some very special people, a few are listed herein:

Lady Gaga, Orpha Winfrey, Joe and Jill Biden, Scott Eastwood (Clint’s look alike son), Joe Montana, John Travolta, Dwane (the Rock) Johnson, Piece Brosnan, Tom Cruise, Jason Stratham, and, Steve Austin, Don Barnes, OCSD, and Todd Spitzer, OCDA.

To name just a few of Charlies famous, and/or, infamous pet recovery clients.

Charlie has assisted the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation], the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency], MI-6 in the U.K. and Interpol {located in Lyon, just outside of Paris, France} many times on with the apprehension of Criminals, as well as with the recovery of mans, and woman’s, best friends, dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits!

A little bit of History (Backstory) of our man, “Charlie.”

Charles Warner Kennedy “Charlie” O’Brien, is an internationally known P.I. (i.e., Pet Investigator). He travels the Globe searching for dearly beloved pets, that have been lost and/or stolen, by some ‘bad guys or bad girls.’

He is very expensive, and he charges $500.00 per hour, plus all of his expenses, but he is very, very good at what he does. And they say he is worth every penny. When you cannot call the Police, or a Law Enforcement Agency, when your favorite friend and play-pal is lost or stolen, who are you gonna’ to call?

No, not the “Ghost Busters,” which are back in the theaters once again, but since you want the best and faster way to get your pet back, and unharmed, so you call our man “Charlie” the Pet Detective.

In the United States alone, there are several thousand lost and/or kidnapped pets every year. You are surely familiar with our good friend “Ace Ventura,” another world- famous Pet Detective, right?

There are several thousand more pets lost and or stolen in other parts of this crazy world, however, there are more stolen in the USA, because the owners are wealthier than is most other foreign countries and sincerely love their fuzzy friends.

Lovely “Lady Gaga” the world renown actress, singer and dancer, recently had her loveable pet dog kidnapped right out of her own mansion, in Northern California, and the little doggie was being held for Five Million dollars in ransom.

Charlie will recount the interesting details concerning Lady Gaga’s dog in the near future after it is safe to do so, of course. One thing that Charlie did say about the recovery of her dog, was that he used a Police trained K-9 dog to assist him.

Charlie has recovered, according to his Web-site; house rabbit (named Nikki Lynn “Busy” Dickinson), cats (amongst Chula and Boots whose owner is Peggy P. Edwards), race horses, donkeys, mules, a dolphin named “Snowflake,” an armadillo from Amarillo, a famous Siamese cat named “Sam,” and even a pet lizard, named “Leo” the lizard.

One of Charlie’s quite interesting pet detective cases was that of “Black Beauty” the Italian Stallion. She was owned by Ms. Joan Irvine Smith, whom is the a descendent of Mr. James Irvine, who at one time, was one of the largest land ‘Grant’ owners in all of California.

Joan lives in the lovely beach enclave of ‘Laguna Beach’, California, right on the waters of the royal blue and charismatic ‘Pacific Ocean’ where the white sand pebbles reach out and touch the gorgeous and rich sea waves.

Ms. Irvine Smith is, and has been for years, a very philanthropic person, and she has given thousands of dollars to local as well as national Charities, including the “American Red Cross” and the “Salvation Army,” to name just two.

She helped build the Orange County Performing Center in Costa Mesa, it has a new name now but Charlie forgot it, about thirty (30) years ago. It cost a lot to build and she was instrumental with the fund-raising efforts.

According to Charlie, she is one of the most generous, caring and concerned people that he has ever met. Inherited the Irvine Ranch, and has subsequently sold and or developed it into one of the most prime communities in all of California.

Laguna Beach is one of the most well visited and beloved seacoast cities in the whole wide world. Joan is a very accomplished and world champion horse rider. She had many awards and acclamations for her consummate horsewoman-ship.

Some detestable tortfeasors (criminals) kidnapped Black Beauty from Joan’s private stable located in Laguna Beach. Beauty was an extremely rare and valuable Arabian horse.

The perp (perpetrator) was asking for Five Million dollars for her safe return. She was work over Twenty-five million, however, Joan was not concerned about the money, she dearly loved Black Beauty.

Charlie, and his A-Team of pet detective’s, searched and located the two horse thieves, and recovered Beauty and returned her safe and sound to Ms. Irvine Smith. Joan was extremely happy and also well pleased with Charlie, and his A-Team and gave him a very large bonus.

Then, Charlie immediately jumped on a jet-plane out of the very busy LA-X (Los Angeles) airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, and in a heartbeat, less than 60-second, and our favorite Pet Detective was gone!

January 09, 2022 16:40

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Hannah Barrick
19:52 Jan 20, 2022

I love this story! I like how you describe the black rabbit and her characteristics (such as being demanding, eating carpets and chewing phone cords), which make her relatable to real life rabbits in some way and adorable to the readers, as well as her other special abilities which make her unique.


14:29 Feb 06, 2022

Hello Hannah, You are as kind as you are telented. I glanced at the introductions to your two wonderful shot stories, and really liked them. I shall read them in full asap. Keep up the good work and keep on writing. Write me back when you have some spare time. Sincerely, Alan


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Charlie Murphy
16:40 Jan 20, 2022

Great story! I like Charlie. I had a rabbit named Spot.


18:10 Jan 20, 2022

Hello Charlie Murphy. Thank you ever so much, I sincerely appreciate you taking some of your busy time, to comment. You need to get another house rabbit, perhaps:-)


Charlie Murphy
18:19 Jan 20, 2022

Maybe. i had Spot for 5 years then a Golden retriever for 11 years. Can you read my story?


14:24 Feb 06, 2022

Hello Charlie, You are a very gifted, as well as very prolific, author. You put my novice self to shame:-) I glanced at you Literary Catalog, and was so, so very impressed. I read the introductions to each, very impressive to say the least. I shall read some whole stories asap. Sincerely, Alan


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