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Fiction Friendship Teens & Young Adult

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

  Chapter 1  The Misunderstanding 

    Ok so today I am going to give y'all a report to do, you may write whatever you may like on it. 

The teacher said as I walked in late for class and took a seat for the third time this week.” Oh nice of you to finally join us”. Ugg I hate my English teacher, Hi my name is Winter, Winter White. Hey, I know what you're thinking I know winter is white like the snow but no joke that's my real name.

    I live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my Dad, two brothers, and one sister. My mother passed away after she had my little sister Amber white. I miss my mother dearly. She was a part of me. She knew everything about me but that was six years ago. I am fifteen and now and have my driver's permit and have a hot boyfriend who is in love with me and I'm in love with him. “So Winter since you’re late again you can be the first to pick out the report you would like to write”. “OK thank you, Mr. Peterson”. “I would like to write about a case that has been closed for five years”. “Oh and what case would that be young lady?” “That would be the case of Robert Daniel sir”. ( what just because I hate him don't mean I have to be rude to his face).” Ok that sound's li-” (bell rings)

    Ok, so my next period is health class on the way to health my two best friends in the whole world stop me and pull me into the bathroom Jessica who has blue eyes and black hair and wears skimpy clothes tells me that Abby took a pregnancy test and it came back positive I didn't believe it till I saw the test with my own eyes I told her we will talk about this on break.

So when I got to health class my boyfriend was surrounded by no joke fifty people with cameras taking pics of him and his beautiful smile. So I walk over and ask him, “Hey what's all this”. “Oh baby hey didn't I tell you I'm the new quarterback.” “Hmmm no you didn't tell me that but that is so great!” “Yeah thanks baby now come pose with me.” “Ok how was your weekend baby?” I said to pose not talk to me and mess up my focus. O-. (bell rings) so all the people leave and the students and the teacher all walk in. “Good morning class you may talk or get on your phone if you want. I don't care, just leave me alone for a while.” So my boyfriend gets out of his phone so I take and jump up his butt and say, “Why do you think you can talk to me like that? I'm not your mom”.” Ok baby I'm sorry I didn't know I was being rude to you”. “Baby don't lie to me.” “Ok but I am sorry, how about I make it up to you tonight and take you to our favorite restaurant and then take you home and rub your feet while I make hot soothing tea for you and me”. “Ok, I love you thanks, baby.

Chapter 2   My Uncles Side of the Story           

    Ok, so this morning I woke up with my boyfriend in my bed and my friends knocking at my door. Oh crap, I forgot to go talk to them so I went downstairs and opened the door and said “ok let's spill the tea tell me what's going on?” “So Jessica and Abby told me that Abby slept with a guy and got drunk and now she's pregnant and doesn't know what to do so I told her that we should tell her mom and take the consequences for her problem and to get an abortion.” Then she cried about a needle so I made some tea and we put on some face masks. After that my boyfriend came down the stairs and said hey and the girls squealed so hard and left so fast so that we could be alone. We talked and then we started working on the report.

                                                 Robert Daniel 

The Robert Daniel case has been closed for five years. I think that Robert should have gone to prison for bashing a teapot over the victim's head. Yes, the cops could not find the fingerprints but that teapot gave him brain damage and so much is now wrong with him for all we know he could've killed him with that teapot I have to find out why he hit him with a teapot on the head.

    Ok so much to find out. Robert why did he hit him. Just so you know Robert is also related to me and I want justice to the person he hit. So now I'm in my car driving to his house with my boyfriend because I'm scared of my uncle. I know he's my mom's brother and I used to like him but after my mom died he changed. At his house, we knock and wait, then knock again, and finally, he answers with big arms open for a hug so I guess I have to hug him. Then I asked if we could talk about what happened about 5 years ago he said, all that happened was that he hit him. But why did you hit him? Well because he wouldn't quit taking my stuff from my yard then he got too close so I just hit him with something that would break over his head just like the teapot. 

    Ok, so I figured out that he got hit with the teapot because he was stealing things from his yard and not asking and also trespassing.

   By the time we got home, it was dark so we went to bed and decided to go to the victim's house tomorrow and talk to him about the situation.

Chapter 3 The victim's side of the story

      So today we went to the victim's house and he answered the first knock. After we went in and got to look around this guy started to spill the tea like an overflowing bathtub he said yes he was taking things out of his yard but also your uncle stole my dog so I took things out of his yard. Oh, so it was like you were having my uncle pay you back a bunch of things in different ways. Yes exactly so I took him to court after the teapot thing first he invited me to have some tea then got mad and hit me.

     After we left we went to taco bell and ate food and when I got home I started writing 

So I guess I have all the story now my crazy uncle also invited the victim to his house for tea then got mad and hit him on the head with it and also the victim has recovered from his head injury.

     The next morning I went with Jessica and Abby to go tell her mom the news. Her mom was a little mad but not as mad as we thought. Her mom understood and talked to her daughter and asked her how would you feel about an abortion they decided to get an abortion and her mom still loved her. then after that, I said who wants some McDonald's tea.

Chapter 4 the Final Report 

    Ok so to find out my uncle invited the victim over just to have tea and talk about the things going on with each other. Then my uncle gets mad and hits him on the head with the teapot. The reason the victim started taking things from my uncle is that my uncle stole his dog, so that was his way of my uncle paying him back an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

    On the day I turned it in I made a 100%. My friend Abby is doing great 4 weeks till she can get an abortion though. She will make it I know it. And my report ended up on the Spill the tea page in the school newspaper.

My boyfriend and I worked it out. He has more respect for me now so that's good. Oh, and I don't hate my English teacher as much as before.

Chapter 5 Summer in the Hospital

Now that summer has come us girls thought we could go have fun but no Abby had to go get pregnant with some stupid guy she met.So now we are at the hospital with are bestie instead of swimming in a pool only because we love her. The one day we would like to splash in the water and drink ice tea on a floaty and spill about the boys we like we cant. As we wait and comfort her like we should like good besties do. We see the nurse walk in with a long needle and she gets scared. "you will be fine and you are strong and you have your two besties in the whole entire world here to support you and help you along the way". Jessica nods her head with agreement as Abby squeezes our hands together.

After the surgery, we go out to eat and we spill on what's been going on at home and with our boyfriends. Everything has been just like we planned it except the pregnancy.

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i love this story because i made it and it sounds good


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