It always seems that some anecdotes are constant and purposely left behind in the dark for the most common reason of the fear of shame, the invasion of privacy, yet sometimes there are shadowy rationalities of hidden modesty and sentimental mystery. Well, this is one that pertains to the matter that being following by an awakening surprise.

 Burning Black Cherry incense had been Joshua Marvelin’s late wife Eleanor’s favourite scent as well as Black Forest cake; anything that made her feel romantically sultry had kept her attracted to her husband. When these items seem to be found in Joshua’s presence; many of these erotic fixtures had him always lead him to her lovely memory. Since she had died just few weeks after childbirth from physical complications and constant health issues; her health had quickly deteriorated until she had finally succumbed to her end. Otherwise, with the arrival of their had named their healthy little girl with a cloverleaf-shape birthmark that was located on her upper right shoulder; they had named her Cherry-Blossom Marvelin because of her mother’s strong features. Katherine did have a few remaining loving moments with her infant daughter before her untimely death during childbirth.

 At this point in Joshua’s life, not everything had been blissful after left alone to raise a new born child. Joshua’s finances had been quickly depleted from taking care of his late wife’s agonizing demise. Selflessly, he had to make a crucial decision for his daughter to be brought in a decent family atmosphere. Cherry was immediately given up for adoption at Joshua’s most relentless decision. The choice that he made had been for his daughter because he knew he wasn’t able to give her a positive stride to grow with.

 An anxious childless couple who had been married for a short time who couldn’t very well conceive on their own had been struck by good fortune and timing when they had discovered a widower with barely any means of support was never been able to afford to bring up a child on his own. Then, Cherry’s new parents had her name eventually changed to their family identity as: Katherine-Jane Broadwell.

 After almost thirty years had passed, Joshua’s fortune did also change within the natural course of Time. Being single again had obviously became a rough adjustment; Joshua had very little emotional support for his hardships because many would never experience an event like until long into their old age. Somehow, time had healed most of his wounds where he hadn’t chosen to remarry again. His unexpected new life that he was compelled to acquire had brought him into an overwhelming adventure where he had became very involved with numerous activities which he had always enjoyed attending to. Unknowingly, he has assumed that was last that he ever see his infant daughter when the adoption agency had taken full charge of all the requirements of her living accommodations.

 Along all of that of time gone by; Joshua did think of her numerous times and wondered how she would have turned out. Too many fictional positive and negative scenarios had been churning in his mind which had often gotten him unnecessarily excited, confused and scared. There were moments where he had mixed feelings of his decision that he made so long ago where he was compelled to make a relative conclusion to keep his peace of mind. His hard decision was never made, easily. Aware, she had been better off not enduring his encountering ordeals through his life which had him eventually reach a comfortable point in Time.

 Ageing had been a controversial issue for Joshua for reasons of the few successes which he had acquired; a part of him had wanted to share with the child that he had unfortunately cast away. He felt that he could possibly find where she is and what she’s doing without her ever finding out that it was fulfilling his own satisfaction. It was a cost that Joshua was willing to spare before he was going to be unexpectedly cast out himself of his existence. With his refusal to become involved in her life; he wasnted to simply respect her privacy and never wanted to ever unruly disrupt it; Joshua had simply wanted the emotional assurance in knowing that she very was content in the Life and opportunities which she was offered into. This issue would become his last comforting gesture to be fulfilled from his ” Bucket List ”.

 Instead of delving into archival records which he had original not be interested in the long tedious paperwork; Joshua had been long pondering about hiring a private investigator to superficially know about the child that he once given up to grant a better upbringing.

 At this point in Time for Joshua’s old age; as a retired Civil Engineer he had attained practically every goal that he had sought out for himself with enough of his accumulated fortune during his existence to become relatively comfortable for the rest of his days. Since the great losses and ordeals of his late wife and daughter; he simply had no one else in his life to spend it on. With the few remaining close friends and immediate family members which he was surrounded by; he had learned to become financially careful.

 Reluctantly, he had shopped around to hire a private investigator to do his bidding. There was one reputed name in the community listings that he called up for a private meeting to have some someone willing take his case. When the moment arrived to meet his secluded researcher; a female investigator had came ringing his door bell.

 She had introduced herself as Mrs. Katie Chaseler; after welcoming preliminaries were done with; Joshua had presented her with all of the original documents of who he was searching for and what were the comforting circumstances which he had wished for to receive. Fortunately with her busy schedule, she had some available Time to fit in and begin his investigation. Once her initial fee had put up by a clandestinely anxious Joshua; Katie was glad to get started with this quest, right away. Upon she was leaving his front doorway, Joshua had apparently had a last momentary look at this lady’s face and something very peculiar inside of him had struck the back of his mind, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. This celebral annoyance would sporatically haunt him during this specific era.

 Unknowlingly as Katie was driving away from Joshua’s premises; an inexplicable and overwhelming warm feeling came over that brought her into a temporary cold sweat. It was some kind of unusual connective link after meeting with Joshua that she had begun to feel an emotional sense of familiarity had become quite baffling to her mind. Neither one had known that each other’s final impression that was left behind after each said ’ Good-Bye ’ to one another. Both of them had chucked it off as a temporary sensation.

 With her experience, she had learned a long time ago to never to get attached to one’s work. This was a job that she was hired to do and she had to remain strictly impartial and isolated. Coincidentally, Katie would later experience similar inconsistent mental sensativities as Joshua did possess.

 Katie had been told at early cognitive age for the reasons which she was adopted where she had quickly accepted this fact; yet she had never wanted anyone else outside of her immediate to know because of the social stigma that’s still being attached to it. Katie had no initial interests to seek out her roots, she was just simply became content that she had been taking in a warm home and brought up, safely. Her adoptive parents have awarded her with everything that she ever needed to grow up with and be lovingly comforted. Katie did find herself quite fortunate with her full existence.

 After almost four weeks of investigation which went by; through all of Katie’s sources and skills, she had been able to well retrieve everything that Joshua had requested. Among her findings, she had to closely verify piece of this literary trail in order to arrive at a definite conclusion ever before presenting this evidence to Joshua. Katie did find out that the baby girl had been given up for adoption had possessed the very same birthdate as she did. A discovery like this had neither been uncommon nor unusual where many had also shared the same date of birth as well the place.

 Katie did find Joshua’s & his late wife’s names on the birth certificate, but as she was holding in her hand and closer reading it; an unusual warm and accustomed perception was coming over her where she wasn’t to describe, let alone try to figure out why this was happening to her. Amongst all of this recovered paperwork; her intuition was metaphorably becoming an itch that she wasn’t to scratch. That night, after work, she had decided to drop in to her parents and ask them some nagging questions which flowing in her mind.

 Once, she dropped in to see her parents and speak with them about the manner that she had been adopted. They both had told her as much as they could remember from the limited history of how she came about living with them. Knowing the adoption agency’s legal policies which were both intervening parties were not supposed to be told about a child’s true origins, as well where and who the child will be placed with. Aware that her adoptive parents were ageing quickly, as time goes by, her dark thoughts brought her to a cold realization that she knew that one day she would find herself, alone.

 Yet, she was telling them that her current situation without revealing any legitimate details because her work had been deemed to confidential in order to protect everyone’s privacy from both sides of the adoption procedure. Her whole probing inquest seemed to hold unlawfully familiar traits to the one that a recent client she was hired for. Some aspects which her parents had suspiciously described to possess some similar qualities which she heard from her client. They had given her all of the needed documentation of her adoption as a legal reference point to properly get a strong handle upon her unusual findings. Was she discovering this as a strange coincidence occurring under under watch? Why were there existing matches within these two time periods? Katie’s entire detective scenario became quite confusing as well strangely, subjective. Was her search becoming a frightening event for event?

 With all of her research as for the accumulated files and written notes were becoming shockingly conclusive. As an uneasy feeling had been slowly overpowering that she began to assume that something else had been play during her investigation was too good be true. Something began to materialize in her mind where she neither had been ready to admit nor possibly deny. Katie had become privately intimidated from her discoveries where it began to all add up to an answer that she was going to be completely taken back and utterly feared.

 Determined to finish the task that she was hired for and well-compensated for; Katie had felt in her heart that she wanted to see this through to the end, no matter what where the consequences. Katie had been secretly aware in the back of her mind that she headed for something unusual that she may not be able to handle.

 The day came that Joshua received an unexpected phone call from Katie and she was ready to show him all of the retrieved data that she had accumulated within the last three weeks or so. As she had arrived in Joshua’s lane way, she steps out of her car and begins to feel inexplicably weak and faint, yet she was able to swiftly compose herself before she had reached the door. She had absolutely did not why her hands were gently shaking when she his door. A silent fear had been haunting throughout this entire search.

 As Joshua had also been undoubtedly nervous because his mind had been racing with various outlandish scenarios. An anxious Joshua had rushed to his front door to hear the news that he was hoping to know. Once the door was opened, Joshua was certainly stunned to recognize a strong resemblance in Katie’s features where her glittering eyes were quite familiar to those of his late wife’s Eleanor. He had obviously thought that it was a coincidence to work with somebody that looked unaccustomedly warm.

 Upon Katie’s embarrassing reaction had been nerve-wracking when she had held out her sweaty palms to shake hands with Joshua. The comforted feeling of his welcoming gesture had him feel strangely, yet emotionally formative. In his private thought, did he know her from somewhere or some place in his lifetime, but it had been completely dismissed for reasons of an accepted anguish.

 After the preliminary subtleties were over, they both sat down at a table sitting next to each other with all of the reclaimed documents being placed in between them. Katie’s still had been clearly under some confusion because she had brought her adoption notes with the ones which she had clearly retrieved the from the agency. There were too many common denominators which held many significant moments in time and places which were mentioned in the files. Katie didn’t want any confusion with Joshua’s collected data. She wanted to make sure that everything had become straight forward and consistent.

 While both of them were discussing each other’s stories, Katie had hesitantly breached her solemn of oath privacy to tell him her side of the story. Joshua had been surprisingly taken back with some the details which her adoptive parents had told her about the specific circumstances in how she came about. While Joshua had been amazed to hear about with the similarities of his situation, it struck him in silence as he closely studying the new documents where there were no physical birth distinctions which were being described on the baby’s body to fully identify any specific birth insignias.

 The one particular birthmark that he remembers on the baby’s body had been a dark brown nevus located on the child’s upper right shoulder blade where he thought it looked like a distorted clover leaf that may been a foreshadowing symbol of the child’s hopeful future, but he knew at that time where he wasn’t able to provide this possible opulence to his only child.

 Then it was Katie’s turn being taken back, she had fully admitted that she had such a glandular marking that was located on the same area of her body. She had momentarily excused herself to look in a hallway mirror to verify her natural anomaly. With her back facing

towards Joshua sitting at the table; she slowly brought down her right collar to expose her anatomical etching in to further study her birthmark. Then, she had asked him a striking question: At what time of the day, do you remember putting up the baby for adoption? He said he remembers it was about mid-morning and then he left. Katie had mentioned that her adoptive parents had picked up on the same day and brought that very evening.

 Both had realized that there were too many coincidences which were occurring in this era of transaction. With gentle tears in her eyes, Katie had slowly returned towards the table where Joshua had been sitting, sternly looked at him and said: ’ You must be my biological father ’.

 Startled and surprised, Joshua had received more data then he had ever expected. Gleefully struck with joy, both had reluctantly staggered towards each other as father and daughter had lovingly embraced for the very time in their lives. Heart-warming, a sense of relief had been lifted from both of them. He had learned that he was no longer alone because he had discovered that he was a grandfather and she unknowingly had an extended family members waiting to one day meet her.

 Katie had discovered a bright light that had emerged from the dark recesses of her mind where she was never going to be alone, again.

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